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08-11-2003, 10:45 AM
Hi! I have been reading about and asking a lot about DBS becuase I came into contact with a vendor by accident recently and she was able to give me a discounted quote on a dress I was considering. She was very nice and while I didn't feel a "connection" in working with her I have read and seen various DBS reps on this message board contributing to all the discussions and such and I feel a bit more comfortable already.
My question is, is it polite or rude to write to various DBS reps that have provided their names and contact info to see if they offer the same quote or if I do feel that "connection" with a certain rep? Or is it best to just use their online quote form? I want to get the best price for the dress I can but at the same time I want to feel comfortable with the rep I choice to use, especially if I am ordering it myself rather than going to a shop. I also do not want to offend anyone either.
Please help.

08-11-2003, 04:33 PM
Submit a quote request via www.bridalgown.com (the Fieldses' website) or www.discountbridalservice.com or directly to the reps you want to. I've heard from some people that DBS reps are supposed to have "territories", but my rep was in SC and I'm in Virginia. It depends upon your preference. Do you need someone to meet with in your local area, or are you confortable communicating via email and phone?

08-11-2003, 05:00 PM
As a rep, I welcome personal calls. An online quote form is a great way to gather information, but I always welcome calls and questions. This is a major purchase and you want to feel comfortable with every aspect of your decision. I know I am often one of many reps a bride is contacting and am not offended by that. It only becomes an issue if you have a rep do a lot of work and research for you and then suddenly jump over to someone else. But one contact isn't that bad. I do lots of quotes and they all don't become sales. I understand brides need to shop around, both for price and for service!

Hope that helps!

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