View Full Version : Has anyone used Eva's Bridal in the Chicago area?

01-16-2004, 12:38 PM
I was beginning my dress search and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience at Eva's? I have been to the House of Brides and while the service was fine, the prices was much higher than suggested retail. Any info is welcome.

Jens Mom
01-18-2004, 10:27 PM
Hi, Becky! My daughter and I went to the Eva's on Harlem (as well as other places)to look for her dress. The sales woman was nice, but she brought dresses in 2 or 3 at a time. They don't let you search the racks like they do at House of Brides. Frankly, after reading some of the horror stories posted on this website about Eva's and House of Brides (check out some of the older postings), we didn't feel comfortable ordering at either place. My daughter also wasn't crazy about ordering online or through DBS. We did find a great shop, though. It's called Alessandra's, on 26th street. Not upscale,and the dressing rooms leave a lot to be desired, but the owner and staff are very nice. They don't rip tags--both the designer and model number are clearly listed. My daughter was trying to decide between 2 dresses--one she saw there, and another one that was significantly less expensive she had seen at Eva's. The owner at Alessandra's offered to check on a price for us on the less expensive gown even after I told him my daughter had already had decided on the more expensive dress. He didn't have to do that--he would have made less money on the cheaper dress! All those factors made us feel good about getting our dress there. They gave us a deduction from their own price, plus gave us all alterations for $150, which is significantly less than Eva's or HOB charges. On top of that, the deposit was only $300 (on a $1200 dress). We just ordered last week. If the rest of the process goes as smoothly, we'll be extremely satisfied customers. Good luck with your search.

01-26-2004, 08:41 PM
Hello Becky!!! A couple months ago, I brought a few pictures of different dresses that I liked. The saleslady came back w/ a gown that had every detail that I liked in all the pictures of each into one. I did get excellent service from her, however I did not order my dress there. I stumbled accross a deal from VIP Occassions located in Elmhurst that I could not pass. I had every intention of ordering it from Eva's, but when it came down to the $$-well, I just didn't order ir from them. Then, literally 3 days after I ordered it thru VIP< I received this letter from channel 5 news reporter Laura Ferguson that Eva's is on a cash only/COD from their designers due to $$$. I guess they're having problems paying their bills.This was as recently as Jan. 23, 2004!!! Can you imagine them closoing their doors or any salon & they have HALF your MOney!!! Anyway, I WOULDN'T order thru them. I recommend VIP. AS far as turn around time for orders....well, I have not heard anything negative about them. So, we'll see....

As for House of Brides, well if you do order it thru them, make sure you tell them your date is 2 months before the actual...Seriously!!! I've had 2 friends order their gowns from them & it was a nightmare!! I know of a store that has DIFFERENT types of bridesmaid dresses in Chicagoland area too, if you're interseted. let me know.

Good Luck!!

01-30-2004, 07:58 PM
Hi Becky! I just wanted to let you know I ordered my dress from Eva's in Orland Park and it has been nothing but a disaster!!! They require that you put down half the ticket price of the dress down before they will even order it. Which means that the ticket price is usually about $200 to $300 more than the price they quote you for the dress. The dress I purchased cost $575, the ticket price was $850. I put down the money that day (July 31, 2003) and was told my dress would be ordered the next day. They also told me to expect about 4 to 4 and half months for the dress to come in, which wasn't a problem. I am still waiting for my dress and it is now January 30th!!! I called to find out where my dress was at the end of November and was told the dress would be in at the end of December. I called at the end of Decemeber and was told the dress would be in on January 17th. The date came and went, still no dress! I was told by the manager that it was held up by the Martin Luther King Holiday and it would be in January 23rd, still no dress. They were also EXTREMELY rude and were no help at all!!! Do not order your dress from them, there are better shops in the area. There is a shop on Harlem in Tinley Park called La Belle Marie and also in Palos Heights called Brides By Tania Marie. I have heard only good reviews and should have gone there! I ordered my bridesmaids from a woman named Judy who works for a Discount Bridal Service, she was very nice. She works out of her house in Monee and her business is called Bridal Elegance. Let me know if you want the number. Sorry so lengthy, hope it helped!