View Full Version : My bad experience with Bridesave.com

02-04-2004, 07:52 PM
I guess I'm the only unlikely bride-to-be who feels Bridesave.com is unworthy of all the praise. I ordered a Maggie Sottero dress on their site and when the dress came in, it didn't fit. I was careful to get measured by two professional seamstresses, and based on my measurements they said I should order a size 4 gown. When I received the dress, I could only zip it up through the hip and waist but not through the bust. My seamstress who has been in the bridal business for 23 years stated that this dress didn't measure out to the measurements listed on their website. I didn't gain any weight since my measurements were the same so the dress should have fit. Needless to say I was extremely upset that I would have to order another dress
and incur rush charges. Fortunately, I was able to find another dress at a bridal shop and was able purchase it off-the-rack. I promptly returned the dress to Bridesave.com and after explaining what happened was told that I would have to
pay a 15% restocking fee on the return. Since I ordered the correct size based on my measurements off of their size chart, I should not be penalized because they sent me a defective dress. Even my seamstress said she would vouch for me
because the dress was sized incorrectly. I spoke to Sarina at Bridesave.com about my situation, and she was not only unsympathetic but also rude. I got the same treatment from their president and CEO. Imagine waiting over four months to receive your dream wedding dress and having it not fit two
months before the wedding. I was completely frantic!

I was fully aware of the company's return policy and would accept their restocking fee policy if I had just changed my mind about the dress. Bridesave.com not only sent me a defective dress but their customer service has been horrible. This has been
a hard lesson learned for me. I would not recommend Bridesave.com to any future bride.