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02-25-2004, 06:15 PM
This site supposedly makes replicas of couture bridal gowns. Has anyone tried them? What's their craftsmanship like? Are they trustworthy? Any stories?

03-25-2004, 09:58 PM
The following is a message thread from another bridal message board. Hope it helps.

Any One Tried Bargain-Bride?
I am interested in having an Ulla Maija dress replicated, has anyone heard news about this website or store in Brooklyn NY?
posted 03/23/04 by Michelle

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I heard that the quality of their dresses is poor and in my communications with them, I found them to be aggressive and not straightforward/trustworthy. But you will not be able to get an honest opinion on this message board because Bargain Bride is a registered vendor with this site which means they pay to be able to post/advertise on this board. Anything negative about paying vendors (as well as any recommendations that involve non-registered/non-paying vendors) gets deleted.
posted 03/23/04 by Stella

I got a flower girl dress from them custom made for my daughter, it was just as pictured.
And stella where have you seen free advertising?

Michelle i do not know about the wedding gown's since when i was ordering the flower girl dress i had already purchased a used wedding dress of ebay. But i didn't find anyone agresive, I think they are still a new company trying to introduce themselves to clients.
Good luck!
posted 03/23/04 by Lucky

My point is that we (brides) are limited in how much we can help each other on this message board because vendors who pay to post are protected and meanwhile, if we try to share helpful information regarding vendors who are not paying clients of this web-site, those messages get deleted. Furthermore, any posts here that may tell you they had a great experience with bargain bride could easily have been written by a staff person of bargain bride posing as a customer. So whether it's about Bargain Bride, David's Bridal, or any other vendor, I would just be careful and look for opinions on other message boards.
posted 03/24/04 by Stella

Stella i agree with you on that some vendors are protected. However how can you comment on a company weather it be this one or another if you have never even placed a purchase with them? Don't you think it's misleading? and if a staff member can post on this site they can surely post on any other site as well, where is the garantee there?
Michelle my best friend has just ordered a custom made dress from Bargain it will arrive in a month if your wedding is not anytime soon i'd be happy to send you pics of how the dress came out.

Stella & michelle - Good luck with your weddings.
posted 03/24/04 by lucky

Thanks my wedding is not for another year and a half so I have plenty of time, I would love to hear your friends results and experience.
Have her e-mail me if possible
posted 03/24/04 by Michelle

Lucky, I don't think I was misleading at all. I specifically said that my impressions were based on communications with them only. And, I did hear on another message board that someone bought a dress from bargain bride and that it was very poor quality- so poor that she didn't wear it and bought another gown. I am glad that you didn't have a bad experience. Maybe the quality varies for different dress styles and you were lucky :)
posted 03/24/04 by Stella

Wow, I saw that! Three negative messages toward bargain bride were deleted immediately from this thread. Well, I saw it happen with the last two, at least. Why bother sharing our opinions?
posted 03/24/04 by Kris

I do not have any problems when bride's want to get opinions of other bride's who have delt with us as refference, I do not even have a problem if someone says anything negative with their experience with our company, You have the right to post your opinion, and thats fully respected.
The 2 messages that were deleated, were messages posting about a transaction made with a lady who was affiliated with us and whom we ourselves later suid because of many complaints. The messages were deleted due to inclosed personal info, not anything she said.
And the dresses were not poor quality, they were just not the dresses that the girl ordered, i believe they were mostly wrong color not quality.
And stella, i have checked my sent mail log and i do not have any info that you have contacted me with a question at all. If you thought someone has responded to you agresively then, my appologies that was not my intent. I do get many emails daily and i try my best to get back to everyone in a timely manner.

About the quality of our dresses - different dresses are made of different materials, and the bride know's prior to ordering which materials are used to make her dress, if it is not suitable to the bride her option is freely just not to make the purchase.
In all reality take into consideration when you want a $5000 gown replicated and pay $500 for it you are to expect differences in materials.

Best regards

~All questions and comment are welcomed! our email is [email protected]
Visit our page for more info: Bargain-Bride

posted 03/24/04 by BB

Okay, so I guess that does mean that if someone posts an opinion with "personal info." about a bad experience with bargain bride, then bargain bride can request it be deleted. That says a lot. If the vendors can control the information shared on the message board, this board is not really for the brides. It's for the vendors.
posted 03/24/04 by Kris

You misunderstood what i ment by personal info, i meant anything like a person's full name, Id#, ss#, which are considered personal identification information.
I believe that is prohibited to do a posting about on any public forum weather it be bride related or not.
Visit our page for more info: Bargain-Bride

posted 03/24/04 by BB

The messages that I saw that were deleted contained none of that kind of information. No names, etc. One of the messages was from Stella (who posted some of the messages above) and it was just pointing out how messages with negative opinions of bargain bride are being deleted. A few minutes later her message was deleted.

So we must be talking about different messages. I guess based on what you described about the woman you are suing that there were even more messages on this thread today that used names or something and those were deleted too.
posted 03/24/04 by Kris

Interesting how Lucky's emails contain the same spelling and punctuation errors that BB's reply does. ("agressively", improper use of an apostrophe ,etc). Food for thought.

posted 03/24/04 by Courtney

Really sharp observations. The spelling errors and misuse of apostrophe "s" are so similar that I think there is no question. I can't believe she even engaged in the conversation about vendors posing as brides. This says a lot about company ethics.
posted 03/24/04 by Kris

Hi Kris-

It seems awfully shady to me. Several months ago I responded to a girl that was looking for a certain dress, and when I posted where I bought mine, my post was deleted because the bridal shop wasn't a paid user of this board. All in all I think it's pretty hard to get an honest opinion here because we are not allowed to share freely without the threat of our opinions being deleted.

I'm sure this post will be deleted, but here goes anyway. The pictures of the Reem on bb's website is the REAL Reem. It was for sale a few months ago on eBay. They used photoshop to change the background to black. Just look at the edges of the photo! I bet this post lasts 15 min tops.
posted 03/24/04 by Courtney