View Full Version : Recommendations for maternity bridal gowns

06-08-2004, 06:27 PM
Hi -- If all continues to go well, it looks like I will be almost 6 months pregnant at our wedding in early October. As I am 41 and this is my first pregnancy, I am THRILLED by the prospect. However, I am now a bit concerned about finding a dress! I don't think I can really do any purchasing until August at the earliest -- still, I'd like to get a head start. Pea-in-the-Pod and Mimi Maternity each have 1-2 dresses, but I'd like something else.

Does anyone have any suggestions about where to find such a dress?

Thanks in advance,

PS Here is the quintessential story about the difference between a mother of a 20 year old and the mother of a 41 year old: My mom had a friend whose 40-year old daughter was getting married after a short engagement. Someone asked the mother, "Does she _have_ to get married?" The mother answered, "Oh, I HOPE so!" ;)

07-12-2004, 03:32 AM
Congratulations on both the pregnancy and the engagement! I too am a "non-traditional" bride-to-be. I'm 30 and in March I will FINALLY be marrying the father of my 7-year-old daughter.... so looks like we both do things backwards (at least in some people's minds) ;)

ANYWAY.. on to my point (I DO have one!). I was browsing the Mary's Bridal website and it looks like there are at least 2 maternity wedding dresses in the current line. The 2 I came across are both in the "Unspoken Romance" line. I have yet to browse the other lines. So... you might want to check those out and you can always check one of the many sites that offer discounts on designer dresses for a price quote(I'm a TRUE bargain shopper.. I NEVER pay full price for virtually anything!)

Good luck to you!