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01-01-2005, 01:34 PM
I was just wondering if anyone has heard of houseofbrides.com? Are they well priced in comparison to DBS or RK Bridals or other online sites? Are they reliable? Let me know your experiences, if any...

06-05-2007, 04:50 AM

I read online and found really mixed reviews about HOB. But I went ahead and ordered through them since they had the lowest price and free shipping for my Wtoo bridesmaid outfits. Things went well and the package arrived on time. I was all happy until I opened the package. First of all, the package came damaged, it had to be retaped up by my post office. I gave them the benefit of the doubt since that's not really their fault but rather the mail carrier's fault. Once I opened the box I realized they sent me the wrong color!!! I ordered Powder Blue and the color they sent me was Sweet Tarte (a light lilac color). So I called up HOB and after 20 min on hold I got to a live person. The person gave me an authorization code and assured me that they can exchange the color correctly for me if I send the gowns back to them. I sent the gowns back the next day first thing in the morning.

So I patiently waited for them to exchange my gowns for the right colors until I got this email:

We gave you authorization on May 21 to return the dress as you stated you rec'd the wrong color. The authorization has expired as the designer will no longer accept the dress back as too mich tome has passed.
Thank You,

HOB Website Department

I was really confused so I called HOB and again I was on hold for 30 min before finally reaching someone. I explained the situation to the lady and her response was beyond rude. She said I should've read the policy that they don't do exchanges or refunds. I explained to her that HOB sent me the wrong color, it wasn't my fault. Then she accused me of taking too long to send the gowns back. I sent the gowns back the next morning as soon as I can! So for awhile basically she told me I wasn't getting a refund or the dresses I sent them back. I was beyond furious!!! The 3 gowns costed me $450 and they were just going to screw me over because of their own incompetency?? The lady told me to call back since it was lunch hour over there and no one there can help me. I asked for her name and a direct number to call to bypass the 30 minute wait time. She refused to give me her name because she said she wasn't the one who authorized the authorization in the first place and that I'd have to wait through the 30 min phoneline when I call back. I blew up at her and HOB still refused to refund me back but finally agreed upon sending me back the gowns in the wrong color. So now I'm stuck with 3 gowns in the wrong shade. Anyone looking for Watters Wtoo #135 in sweet tarte? HOB is shady!!!