View Full Version : Anyone tried Asia Bridal on Ebay or know good custom-made gown sites?

02-02-2005, 04:52 PM
Asia Bridal is out of Shanghai, China they sell many different new gowns that are made based on your specific measurements. This feature is interesting to me because I am only 5 feet tall, (this doesn't just affect the skirt to be hemmed but some dresses look too long in the torso or two wide in the shoulders and the alterations can be costly) who doesn't want to order a dress online and have it fit nicely with maybe only slight alterations. The dresses go for really good prices normally. Has anyone ever bought from them? They do offer a return but you don't get your shipping fee back and you have to pay to ship it back so it isn't really worth doing that. If you haven't used Asia Bridal can you recommend other sites with custom-made gowns for good prices? Most sites I have found so far that have great deals on dresses are samples where there is only one size available, so there is mandatory alterations. Thanks