View Full Version : Bridepower.com--great experience

07-11-2005, 01:07 PM
I'm getting married in October and desperately wanted a particular Vera Wang gown. I tried the dress on at Barney's last September and they quoted me $6500--and that just wasn't happening. I looked all over the web to see if anyone carried the dress any cheaper and found it on bridepower.com. I paid $1700 for the same gown and there was no tax! The dress arrived within two weeks--while it was still up on Vera Wang's website!

I had a great experience with Bridepower.com--they were really nice and they also have a great return policy (which I didn't need to use because the gown was in perfect condition). The kicker, I assume, is that you need to be able to wear the sample size (which is generally an 8 or a 10).

As a fashion-addict who could not stomach paying $6500 for a gown, I cannot recommend Bridepower.com highly enough.