View Full Version : Paloma Blanca dress at Pearl's Place

08-05-2005, 10:03 AM
I saw an old message on the website asking about ordering a Paloma Blanca dress over the Internet, particularly in light of the warning that is up on the Paloma Blanca warning against purchasing the dress from anyone but an "approved vendors."

I found a Paloma Blanca dress that I love at a local bridal store. I called Pearl's Place and they quoted me a price of more than $600 less than price that the local store quoted to me! I believe that I am going to go ahead and order the dress from Pearl's Place, but noticed that Pearl's Place is not listed as an "approved vendor" at the Paloma Blanca website. Has anyone had any experience with ordering Paloma Blanca through them (or any other designer where Pearl's Place is not listed as an "approved vendor")?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have the size chart and have heard that their sizing runs small. Does anyone have any experience with strange sizing issues with Paloma Blanca that I should be aware of.

Thanks in advance for your help!

12-06-2005, 10:44 AM
I just wanted to send a message to let people know that I did end up ordering my dress through Pearl's Place. I got it in last week. It is beautiful!

Pearl's Place was not listed as an "authorized dealer" with Paloma Blanca, but the dress came in with Paloma tags (both inside and with a sales tag) and in a Paloma box. The dress came in exactly when they promised it. I had to measure myself based on the size chart they sent me and the dress fits perfectly! Best of all, I saved more than $600 than if I had bought it from the local bridal shop (who I later discovered were also charging $200 over the MSRP).

The only problem I encountered was that there was a weird little poof on the right hip of the dress that was invisible on a hanger but was pretty obvious when you put it on. I called Pearl's Place to ask about it and they were extremely helpful. They told me I could send the dress back and they would handle it with the manufacturer within a couple of weeks. Thankfully after a trip to the seamstress I discovered that it was a common problem that was easily solved. (Apparently manufacturers often sew the dress to the lining of the dress. She seamstress told me that she always has to rip these stitches out, because the dress usually won't hang right on an actual person). After taking out four stitches, it is perfect!

Originally I was hesitant to order my dress over the internet, but a friend of mine who lived in New Orleans told me many of her friends got their dresses at Pearl's Place and raved about it. Based on the recommendation of Bridal Bargains and my friend I ordered it, only to have the hurricane come a few weeks later. They have certainly surpassed all my expectations, especially in light of the hurricane. Everyone I spoke with was extremely helpful and polite. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a beautiful dress and save a little money.