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08-31-2005, 12:34 PM
I ordered 3 BM dresses from Pearl's Place in early June. When I called 2 weeks ago to find out an estimated delivery date, they told me to call back this week as the dresses would likely come in this week or in the first part of September. When I saw the calendar reminder to call Pearl's Place on Monday, I remembered they are in Metairie, Lousiana, and may have experienced serious storm damage. They are not answering their phone and their website is down. If my dress were at the store, they may have been destroyed, but it is possible the manufacturer had not shipped them the dresses yet. Even if the dresses were not there, I do not know how I will get them if Pearl's Place remains closed. The dresses take 12 weeks to order and my wedding is in 8 weeks and the girls need time to get alterations. I feel horrible even thinking about this, given the devastation the storm has caused, but I need to figure out if I have to try to buy something off the rack.

Does anyone out there have news on Pearl's Place. I don't know if I can convince the manufacturer to send me the dresses directly -- I know there were problems with this when DBS went bankrupt.

09-03-2005, 10:27 AM
The letter below is from Pearl's Place. I already received my dress from them months ago, but I wrote to them to find out if they made it through the storm ok, since they are such kind people and I was worried about them. This is the form message they are sending everyone. I feel so bad for them. It isn't their fault this happened, they have no way of controlling any of this, and Pearl's Place is known for their superb customer service. The fact they are even trying so hard is amazing. From the info below, it looks like Pearl's currently has no way of knowing if your dress is at the store or the warehouse since they have no access to their records. I understand you have a limited time before your wedding. If the mfg can't help you, I would just buy new dresses and just chalk it up to an act of God--or have the girls wear their own. There is no one at the wedding who wouldn't understand. Consider it your small sacrifice for the hurricane victims. During times like these, we have to keep perspective about what is truly important. Good luck.


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At best our internet access is limited and we are sending a generic
message. We did our best to secure most of the orders and gowns that we
had in a secure storage behind the store on a 4th floor. We believe all of
this is safe at this time. We do not have access to those or our records.
We are working on a system and way to obtain all, but our customers have to
be patient. If your gown was not delivered to us we are also working on a
system to ship things to us where we are now in Houston, TX. We will have
some access to web and such in one more week, as we are waiting for phones
and such. Pearl's Place has not be destroyed and we will be back. But you
have to understand that our access is very limited at this time. All of
this is due to the "American Tsunami" that happened in the New Orleans
area. We are not flooded as the pictures show. Give us time and we will
be back with all with more information, but we plead for your help and
patience at this horrible time in the history of our area and country.
Thanks for your comments and yes all of us are well and have our lives
which is most important. You will get your gowns and orders but give us


All of us

caras mom
09-16-2005, 11:24 AM
I just asked for a quote using the bridal quote feature on bridal bargains site and got an email from fred at pearl's saying i had to call (504) 885-9213 (because the designer didn't want them to quote online). so i called and they said they're open part time now in the metaire store. good luck and hope you get your dresses in time! (and their price was the best i've found so far!)

09-16-2005, 12:54 PM
Glad to hear they are getting back on their feet!