View Full Version : Bridal gown shopping - rewarding retail salesperson for good service

Sunfish Bride
02-08-2006, 09:17 AM
I went bridal dress shopping at a local bridal salon that also operates an online discount business. I found my dream dress, then checked prices and found that their discounter can save me $450! Of course I want to order it from the discounter, but I feel guilty jilting the salesperson who helped me. It was a young woman my age who is truly gifted. She picked up on my style right away and didn't waste my time with dresses that were way too expensive or ridiculously not my style. She encouraged me to try on certain dresses that were ugly on the hanger--but she was right and they were beautiful on. It is really because of her help that I found a dress that is perfect for me.

I refuse to pay $450 extra when the same company is offering to sell it to me at a discount, but I want to thank this salesperson for her help. I thought about sending her boss a letter about how much I enjoyed Janine (I wouldn't mention that I'm ordering the dress from the discounter in the letter, so they could use it as a testimonial on their website) or sending Janine a botte of wine, but that seems like too little too late after all of her help. Would it be inappropriate for me to send her a gift card (valuing about the amount of comission should would have received) as a thank you gift?

Those of you who work retail, what do you think would be the most appropriate thing to do, without blowing $450 going through the salon, and knowing that Janine will not see much of that money? Also, does anyone know what percentage of commission bridal salespeople typically get?

Thanks to anyone who can offer any advice. I really want to do the nicest thing in the nicest possible way (without paying the full retail price of my gown!)

03-22-2006, 03:21 AM
I think giving her a gift card or even a little thank you note with a cash tip would be a great idea.