View Full Version : Have you used Pearl's Place? Good or Bad?

03-24-2006, 12:02 AM
I'm a little nervous about possibly ordering my dress from Pearl's Place-just seems weird to order such an important item from a place you've never seen. But they did quote me a price 40% less than the shop here on a Tomasina dress, and they are listed on Tomasina's website as a dealer. Do you have any good or negatives stories that may help me decide what to do? Thanks so much!

03-24-2006, 08:49 AM
I posted a review about my experience with Pearl's Place a couple of months ago, but I know that I can't always find everything when I try to search on this place. I ordered my Paloma Blanca wedding dress from Pearl's Place in August and can just say that my experience was wonderful! They had quoted me a dress that was $700 less than the bridal store here. Even with the Pearl's Place rec from Bridal Bargains, I only decided to order from there after checking with my best friend (who lived in New Orleans). She told me that "everyone" there got their dresses from Pearl's Place and she had only heard great things about them. I ordered the dress in August and 2 weeks later they had the hurricane, which obviously made me nervous, while feeling extremely bad about caring such a trivial thing while so many people were undergoing tragedy. Pearl's Place was great about keeping Brides informed about the status of their store throughout the storm (both through this website and through theirs). I got my dress in November, exactly when promised and it was perfect! (Actually the only thing that was wrong was there was a little "blip" in the skirt. I called Pearl's Place and they were very helpful and said that I could send the dress back and they would work with the manufacturer, instead I went to a local seamstress who told me it was just because they sewed the dress to the liner and with a seam ripper corrected the problem in less than 2 minutes.) Although they seemed a little curt on the phone when I placed my order (I guess I wanted something more triumphant when I made such an important purchase) they were always helpful and polite. My experience was so great, I decided to order my bridesmaid dresses from them as well. Still haven't recieved the BM dresses, but they have also been extremely helpful with that, I saved about $60 per dress, and am expecting the fabric for my Junior BM dress in 1 week. Good luck! Oh and my dress came in a Paloma Blanca box and with Paloma tags, so no worries about them selling me a knockoff!