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02-03-2004, 06:49 PM
I have a couple of suggestions - which were greatly inspired by Bridal Bargains.

Suggestion #1:
I just recently posted in the invitation folder of this website promoting the site - www.shutterfly.com. This website is definately something to check out for invitations, Save the Dates, personalized thank you notes, etc. I created 100 Save the Date cards for $1.19/ ea. including envelopes (they will even mail them to your receipients for an extra fee). I considered this a great deal since most invitation sites I visited either were too cheesy, didn't offer Save the Date cards, or were highly expensive ($8.00 per card!). This site is really easy to use, you can download any pictures and create an account for free. You can order any size prints at any quantity for a cheaper cost than if you went to a local photography store for reprints. There are many effects and creative details you can add to any of your pictures and the site walks you through each step. I received my cards 2 days after ordering and they turned out great!

Suggestion #2:
I read in one of my bridal books (probably by Emily Post or Martha Stewart) that for all of your out of town guests, you, the bride, is to provide a welcoming basket to each guest. So, on top of paying thousands for the wedding, you are to provide a welcoming basket filled with things that cost money. What bank am I going to have to rob to do this you ask? I got creative and pulled in a lot of resources. My fiancee and I, while in college, worked at a local health club. I asked the membership manager, who was hired by my fiancee, if he could provide us with day passes for each of our guests while they were in town. These are a $10 value that I got for FREE! My fiancee works for a wine company, therefore he can get full bottles of wine for free. I understand many people do not have the connection through their job to get free bottles of wine, but places now like Trader Joes sell $2 bottles of wine that are just as good, if not better, than a $60 bottle. I then contacted our local Chamber of Commerce and got a map of the area of the town our wedding will be held. I bought this for $1 and scanned it into my computer and altered it to make it cute and stylish. To finish off the contents of the welcoming baskets - I had a friend who is an amazing cook and makes this wonderful cream cheese pound cake put her skills to use. She made 50 small pound cakes to add into the baskets and it only cost me a $50 gift certificate for dinner as a thank you as she wouldn't take any money from me. And the baskets? I went to Ikea and bought 50 baskets for $0.99! So the total cost for $50 welcoming baskets for my out of town guests - $1 for the map, $50 for the thank you gift certificate, and $50 for 50 baskets = $101! $101 for 50 baskets!

My advise to brides on a budget (which is about 99% of all who get married) - pull in your resources! If they are friends or close co-workers, you would be surprised how happy they are to help you out. Just make sure those who provide these favors are invited to the wedding.