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01-19-2005, 11:32 AM
>I just got engaged and I am super excited!! I am new at all
>this however and I was wondering if anyone had any begining

Do your research on everything. Set a budget based on your findings. You cannot realistically say, $150 for a limo, or $200 for invitations, if you have never even begun to look for what you are interested in, and the ballpark it may be in, price-wise.

If things get too costly, take a good look at your budget list, and decide from their what you can either "cut" or do differently.

Stay true to your budget, though. Many brides make this error, and do not. The wedding is day that will remember for your life, but what your goal is is a lifetime of day-to-day memories made in your marriage. So, don't sell yourself short on your dream day, but don't overpay, either!!

Best wishes to you.
Linda Zec

03-30-2005, 12:38 PM
What is important is that you know approximately how many guests you will need to invite and what your budget is.

A good place to do your budget is on www.theknot.com , you will need to register for the site but it is a great resource. When you enter a budget the knot automatically breaks it down for you. That way you see approximately how much you can spend on everything you need for your wedding.

Then I would recommend visiting sites like modernbride.com, bride.com, elegantbride.com, sitesandservices.com, to get an idea of what your likes and dislikes are and what the reception prices are like.

Do not get discouraged. This can be fun. There is always a way to cut down costs on everything and still have a great wedding.

06-29-2005, 11:25 AM
I just got engaged and I am super excited!! I am new at all this however and I was wondering if anyone had any begining advice.

02-10-2006, 04:21 AM
I assume you read the book already. It is like a graduate class in wedding planning. If not make sure you have a pencil when you do as you will want to underling things and make notes in the magins. Make sure to underline any websites you may want again later.

Learn everything you can before actually spending any money.

Make a list of questions to ask each vendor. Make a list of things to watch out for, ex: price increases, cake cutting fees, service charges plus 18% tip charged.

Make sure you have your logistics worked out. How will thig get put here or there. Who will pick up this or that and deliver it here or there. What happens if this one or that one drops the ball on something, if their car breaks down, if they are sick, etc.

Make a list of every's name, address, phone number, cell ohone, and email. It will make life so much easier.

Play the craft shop coupon game. Put up a note at work "bride seeking unneeded 40% off craft store coupons each week." Some stores will let you use two at a time. You can stop in each day at after work and pick up an item or two or take a bunch of friends and family with you. My friend and I would through with two coupons at a time a couple of times each at each store then go to keep hopping from store to store in other towns. Saved big time. Learn the patters for craft store sales. If you buy silks do not settle for less then 40% off. It is is not on sale this week it will be withing the next month. Check clearance aisles.

Network! If you don't know a good person for this or that ask around. Call a local church (even if you don't have one)and ask to if they have a nice church lady who does not mind talking to you and who knows a lot of people. Thay all have someone like that and they usually love to talk wedding! They can tell you who makes a great cake cheap! etc.

If one person had a great experience of even several, but another has a horrible experience put more stock in the bad story. It is true that there are people out there that can never be pleased, especially at weddings and brides can be difficult, but do you want what happened to her to happen to you??? Things will happen and people will make mistakes, but the most important thing is how they are handled.