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01-28-2007, 05:27 PM
I am really looking for more resources for the do it yourselfer. My daughter is having an informal backyard wedding with a hundred guests. Almost everything is going to be done by the two of us. The invitation info in the book was very helpful. But now we have to tackle food and decorations and pictures and everything else. I have some plans for the above, and Michaels and the Party Store will also be helpful, but . . .

02-03-2007, 11:22 PM
I am trying to do it all myslef too. I recently found a book you might be interested in. It is called Cater Your own Wedding, they have a section for a Backyard BBQ by Michael Flowers and Donna Bankhead. It shoule help you out some. I also am using the Pottery Barn and JoAnns Fabrics to buys things, if you and your daughter sign up for JoAnns monthly flyer you get a 40% off coupon monthly(with both of you you can get two). I have been buying things monthly with the coupon. Good Luck

02-26-2007, 07:52 PM
I'm also going the diy route, and I did on my 1st marriage 15 years ago, and to plan my sister's reception last year. AND, I'm the manager at a winery that hosts weddings!
Facility-wise, I've got it easy. Gorgeous & free, the hard part being who's gonna staff the tasting room during the festivities! My offociant is a friend who works at another winery and refuses to let me pay him.
As a winery events manager, I throw several open to the public events each year. We get the food at Costco...we do a tri tip & Aidelle's sausage BBQ. With all the trimmings, we'll feed about 300 people for $500 (my dad mans the grill & we have volunteer servers at the buffet table to help control portions...we staff these things with tasting room staff & volunteers). We did tri tip for my sister's party, and will do the same for mine (fab garlic bread is essential! Chill about the calories & experiment ahead of time!). We're one of the few wedding sites that lets customers feed their guests as they please...any caterer is fine by us, and it's also fine if you want to diy. The diy crowd does some VERY creative stuff with Costco ingredients (and I've seen HORRORS where the entire spread was frozen Costco apps...DO NOT DO THIS!!!). The one that impressed me most was the diy hors d-orve 'bar' where they had various crackers, baguette slices, pastry shells & whatever to be a 'base' and all sorts of neat toppers/fillings that they'd put together themselves, and guests could build a plate to their tastes! It was supplemented by plates of cheese & fruit. They also had a small wedding cake for show & a big sheet cake in the back (tip: watch your cake! The wedding planner put the cake on a table in the tasting room that afternoon, while we were still open. I offered another room, and she said no, it was fine there. Within an hour, a couple was in wine tasting with their little kid, the result being a big 'ol finger streak through that yummy buttercream!! Hey, I warned her!)
Another great wedding we had here wasn't so much a diy, but an all hands on deck. I (the facility) was the only entity NOT related to the couple (double interesting that the bride pours at another winery but still chose mine!). Band, food, rentals, etc, were all handled by various family members. I think we just about became family though...last minute frazzled bride stopped by & mentioned that she had no idea when she was going to get the favors made, and I happened to be babysitting a friends 10 year old daughter that day, who EAGERLY volunteered to take on a big craft project! SCORE!
Let me know if you need garlic bread tips (I'm in Gilroy, after all)