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06-21-2001, 04:47 PM
Below, I asked if you knew of a source for static sun shades for use in a car that didn't have Elmo or Winnie the Pooh on them. Prince Lionheart has a Sunshade Kit that includes a sheet of 16" x 22" smoked vinyl, a foam brush and a plastic squeegee. I'm planning to write the company to find out where I might purchase it.

I bought Prince Lionheart's Car Seat Shade and have been pleased with it. However, I found a Sun Stop'r Car Seat Cover at the Kel-gar website that folds up into its own pocket. Much more compact. Would be interesting to know which product works better.

When our twins learned to turn on the kitchen sink faucets I had to start giving them baths in the bathtub. This was not a smooth transition until I bought Kel-Gar's Snug Tub which really helped the girls adjust to the big cold bathtub. Kids II and Leachco make a similar product. Wonder if there's any significant quality difference between them?

After the girls learned to sit up well, I wanted to put them in the tub together to save time. I bought an extra large bath mat made by Better Bath at T.J. Maxx for $9.99. This is the same brand of bath mats sold at Right Start and several safety product sites for $19.99-$21.99. Thought it was a great deal until we tried it. It was HORRIBLE. I think sitting on it can only be compared to sitting on a mat of inverted ice cream cones (the cake kind with the flat bottoms). It was hard. One of my daughters cried when I sat her in the tub. Much, much, much better are the Softex extra large bathmats sold at Wal-Mart. They're $12.99 and are similar to the waffley stuff people use to line their cabinets. The girls are happy again.

Safety wise, I think the Softex mat is a good product for any baby. But, it's especially nifty for twin parents. But let me reiterate again that I do NOT recommend those awful Better Bath mats!

Recently ran across Camp Kazoo's Boppy Noggin' Nest.
Looks like a clever product. Will be curious to hear what you think.

Other products I'd like to see reviewed in your book or in special reports are potty seats and potty training products and humidifiers.

Some of the seats that can be later hooked to the toilet with steps and rails look pretty cool. What do you think?

Which cool mist humidifiers are the quietest? Which are the easiest to clean? I hate getting out the bleach and vinegar. Which cool mist models have cheaper filters? We have a Holmes Family Care Cool Mist Humidifier. I can no longer find the filters locally so I buy a long Kaz filter and cut it into three pieces. It seems just the same but it's not quite as thick and ends up being an inch shorter in height. Instead of two filters for $9.99 I get three for $6.99 anyway.

When we visit my parents, they have a warm mist humidifier. I can never get the bloomin' salt level right so that it "mists" all night. Are any warm mist humidifiers easier to use than others?

Sorry this got so long! May be buying your "house" book soon.