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07-31-2001, 12:43 PM
I know that many people who buy the Baby Bargains book are in the midst of trying to get pregnant, as well as already being pregnant...

Is there anyway to add an apendix or something about home pregnancy tests or ovulation predictor kits?

I know that there are websites out there that help to determine this stuff, like www.fertilityplus.org/faq/hpt.html

It may be of help to some people...

07-31-2001, 02:44 PM
Hi there. Thanks for the suggestion for our book, BABY BARGAINS. You are right---most (if not all) of our readers are already pregnant by the time they get pregnant. But perhaps that might be a topic we can address on our web page. And has Consumer Reports ever tested those kits?

Alan & Denise Fields, Authors

07-31-2001, 09:39 PM
Some sites like Babycenter.com have info on things like this.

04-22-2002, 04:02 PM
I am planning to get pregnant in the fall, but with my schedule, the more things I can learn about/plan now, the better. A section on pregnancy, whether on the website or a short chapter in the book, would be fabulous. Prenatal vitamins, pregnancy tests, etc.

I loved your weddings book and recommend it to everyone, and Baby Bargains was the first baby/pregnancy book I bought. The most valuable aspect for me was the analysis of quality of different services/products, and while I don't always save much money, I know that with your advice, I am always getting the best deal. My wedding was as perfect as I could ever have imagined and I had time to enjoy it because everything was prepared. I look forward to the same thing when setting up a nursery for (hopefully) next year's bundle of joy! Thank you!


04-22-2002, 06:46 PM
I started reading your book about a year and a half before we got pg (I started 6m early researching the costs, etc of a baby then we tried for a year).

So, from my view, yes, definitely you should include it.

Also, I urge you to include info on chidbirth prep methods and where to reach people for various classes (lamaze, bradley, hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, etc.). Those classes can be costly, as can the result of not taking one....

You cover daycare (which is a nebulous topic, at best) so I don't see how opks/pg tests/ and classes could be off topic.


04-24-2002, 06:07 AM
Hi, Shannon! I just wanted to share my most invaluable resource when I was trying to get pregnant: the book *Taking Charge of Your Fertility* by Toni Weschler. It teaches you how to chart your fertility signs and how to integrate the use of OPKs (which are not always as straightforward as they sound), and I found it to be extremely empowering to have that much knowledge about what my body was doing. I knew exactly when I was most fertile and I got pregnant the second month I charted. I also knew I was pregnant very quickly, and then kept charting through the first trimester so knew I was STAYING pregnant. It was enormously helpful and encouraging, much less nerve-wracking than when I was using OPKs alone. Good luck!!!

04-24-2002, 11:18 AM
I just wanted to second the recommendation for the "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" book! Not only is it a terrific way to either acheive or avoid pregnancy, it's also just really "empowering" to have a better understanding of how your body works, and why it does what it does! Also, for me, since we had a precise plan as to when we were going to start "trying," it was great to start charting my cycles several months early -- psychologically, it felt like I was *doing something* toward ultimately getting pg, even though DH and I had decided to wait a bit longer. (helped me deal with my "but I want a baby NOW" feelings!) (BTW, I know my results aren't necessarily "typical," but I got pg the first month we started trying, after having charted my cycles for about 6 months.)

I also highly recommend the charting software that is "affiliated" with the book. You can find out more about the book and the software, and download the software, at http://www.tcoyf.com.

Finally, I also wanted to recommend http://www.lowcostpregnancytests.com. They have several different types of tests, and the best prices I've seen anywhere! Plus, they have really wonderful customer service.

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04-24-2002, 06:44 PM
I second this book: "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". AWESOME!

As were Henci Goer's books.

05-28-2002, 08:29 PM
ohmigod, i found out about it purely by accident, spent part of my vacation reading the book, and am now attempting to chart so that when my time comes, i'll hopefully have the thing down pat. right now it looks like a jigsaw puzzle, because my schedule is so crazy i miss my temperatures about a third of the time (i'm a surgery resident) plus i'm a little concerned that i may have a shortened luteal phase, based on a single low progesterone when it should have been higher (i'm also an overreactor)

would love to know which OPK you recommend - i know the electronic monitors are the best but don't know if I want to shell out the $$ unless I discover a problem. that said, i have a two month window which would be the ideal time to get pregnant (gotta love life in medicine)



05-29-2002, 03:56 PM
Clear Plan Easy worked for me. I tried the First Response kind as well, but they were a bit ambiguous. CPE left no room for doubt. I got pregnant the 2 month we tried.

Good luck!!

05-30-2002, 08:47 PM
Another aspect to consider... I bet that the majority of your readers are first-time parents, and lots (possibly most) of us plan to get pregnant again at least once, so pregnancy tests and OPKs do come in handy. The first baby was easy to come by, but I'm already in my late thirties, so the second may require a little more jockeying...


Who recommends the two-tests-in-a-kit pregnancy tests, as a natural response to the father-to-be's question, "Are you SURE???"

05-30-2002, 11:58 PM
Hee Hee Hee! Yes, I like buying more than one pregnancy test at a time. I don't ovulate or cycle regularly and there have been times when I've done a test "just to see", because I was feeling a bit tender or whatever. AND it's great to have one on hand when you really do need it. No, I've never had my husband ask "Are you SURE??" He knows better!

06-07-2002, 01:18 AM
I second this request for info on OPK's and Pregnancy Tests!

I bought my first copy of Baby Bargains when my sister-in-law was pregnant 2 years ago. Then when I started undergoing fertility treatment, I bought the new edition. I don't even want to consider how much money we have spent on OPK's and pregnancy tests in 7 cycles of trying with Clomid. I'd love to have an expert opinion on what's the best value!


06-26-2002, 12:10 PM
Yes! "Taking Charge of your Fertility" (Toni Weschler) and "Getting Pregnant" by (Niels H. Lauersen, M.D. & Colette Bouchez) are great. Also, use the website www.fertilityfriend.com. All you have to do is take your temperature (and if you wnat to be be more accurate enter in some other "physical signs" such as cervical position, discharge, etc.) and the site will make and store your fertility charts online! It even gives you green light signals (try to make a baby day!) Yellow (possibly fertile) and red (don't bother) days. It also gives great advice and counseling from other DR's and women to get pregnant. Several chatboards as well. I think the basic services are free, but specialized (bonus features) cost like $8 a month (cheaper than OPK at the drug store, plus better!) This site helped me to get pregnant with our little gift du in August. It took a year because I had a luteal phase defect (which the website diagnosed correctly be the way!) and too much build up of Norplant & BCP drugs in my system (go figure, I tried for 10 years not to get pregnant, only to kick myself after being married for 6 years and unable to get pregnant for what seemed like an eternity!) Also, the pregnancy test First Response (?) that says it predicts 3-4 days before you miss a period really works! I took the test 3 days before my period was due, and there were those 2 bright pink lines! HOORAY!

10-11-2002, 03:04 PM
I'm also a big fan of the "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" book. It was recommended to me and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the knowledge I derived from the book. I charted for one month and then the second month of charting I tried to get pregnant and voila! I knew within days and was able to take a pregnancy test just in time for an overseas trip. I know this is different for everybody, but with this book you have a lot of control and empowerment over what's going on in your body and I shall never part with my copy.