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08-01-2001, 02:07 AM
I am on kidlet number three (the last!) and I have used your books throughout for invaluable and moneysaving advice. The great thing is, all four editions have been immensely helpful. I buy the book for all my friends who are expecting, but never without (ever so carefully) reading through it myself and finding several more nuggets of information. Your claim is true, all four editions have saved me at least $250 (each)!

Here's my best tip that I stumbled upon with baby #3: use a plain old bucket for bathing the baby. I never would have thought of this myself, but a Scandanavian friend showed me a picture and when I tried it, it worked brilliantly. A regular bucket worked well at first and then I went up a size when my guy got too big for that. I always found those baby bathtubs awkward to store and then I was stuck with them after the baby outgrew them. This is easy to stash under the sink and you can ALWAYS use a bucket for something else later and they're usually pretty inexpensive. I just crossed his legs a little and sat him in there--it supports them so much that they are almost sitting up on their own. Of course I still hold him, but somehow it gave me more of one hand free to get the shampoo etc. than with the standard baby tub (I should mention I never tried the one that is molded on the inside which is supposed to "hold" them a little better). He loved grabbing onto the edge and I loved the relative ease of bathing him. When he got too big for the biggest bucket I could find, I finally graduated him to the wire frame thing they sell that has the fabric stretched across it that you set in the bottom of the tub/shower, which has worked great for us, too.

Since I only tried this with one of mine, I'm not sure how well it would work with every baby, but I just thought it was such an improvemnt that I had to pass it on to you after all your books have done to help me!

Looking forward to your toddler bargains book,