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03-01-2002, 11:05 AM
Hi Alan & Denise!

First, thanks for providing a wonderful service with your book. It was my "bible" while planning for my daughter's arrival and based on the number of people I saw toting it around with them in the stores, it was theirs as well!

I would like to suggest a source for the "What's on the Web" section of your next edition. There isn't much mention of hats in your book, but they are so important for babies -- for warmth in cold weather and for sun & wind protection all year-round. I have been searching the retail chains in vain for cute, everyday hats for my daughter. It seems all I could find were the white lacy christening bonnets or the floppy "fishing hat" style. Then I found a fabulous site on-line called The Baby Bee Hat Co.

What a find! This site is very user-friendly with pictures of the many styles available. They have both girl and boy styles, styles by season, and even custom sewing available. Regular prices are reasonable enough ($10-15), but there's a "Clearance Corner" with deals up to 50% off! The quality of the hats I bought is excellent -- very well-sewn -- and I received them less than one week after ordering. The best thing is the variety to choose from; it beats anything I've seen in the stores. I know I will be buying more not only for my daughter but for gifts too.

I highly recommend this site! Check it out -- www.babybeehats.com


03-01-2002, 01:13 PM

Thanks for using our message boards and reading our Baby Bargains book. Glad to hear you found it and the Bridal Bargains book useful!

Thanks too for the recommendation of babybeehats.com. We'll check it out and try to include it in our next edition.

best wishes,

alan and denise fields