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03-04-2002, 06:17 PM
Hi, just wanted to say I love your book and site....

I have the next to newest version (sorry, pg brain is blanking), so you may have added to the cloth diaper section in the latest, but I have some suggestions if you didn't.

First, a great resource is www.diaperpin.com. This site has tons of reviews by parents on cloth diapers, wraps, all in one's, fitteds, cloth wipes, diaper pails, etc. Plus a great FAQ section, and a cost calendar to figure out how much money you can save using cloth. The best part is they have links to the websites that sell the diapers - from MotherEase to WAHM's.

Another great site for bargain resale diapers is www.organgestarfish.com. You can also pick them up on ebay. Another GREAT site for WAHM dipes is www.wahmall.com. This is an auction and link site for WAHM diaper makers... you can get some great deals here, too. And some diaper makers only sell their dipes here...

Also, I can't play up the cost advantage for using cloth enough, if it fits your lifestyle (no daycare, etc.). I spent $100 and got enough cloth diaper supplies to get through the first 3 months, probalby more since some of them are one-size and larger covers... and that's almost a 50% savings compared to the first 3 months using disposables purchased at Costco (best price around me for disposables).

There are other factors... environment, health, etc. The list goes on.

I know the task of explaining cloth diapers is a huge one (you don't know how many hours I've spent researching...) but I definitely think it deserves more coverage in your book (if you haven't already).


03-04-2002, 10:55 PM
I'd like to emphatically agree with all these points (always happy to meet another compulsive researcher!)

Cloth diapers are not just the choice of crunchy-granola back-to-the-earth types. I'd never have known how easy they are if a friend hadn't shown me her cloth-diapering setup. I am annoyed when baby magazines (eg. the recent Parents magazine article on diapering) pass off this option as being motivated by misplaced "eco-guilt"... it really demonstrates how thoroughly they are under the thumb of their big-name diaper company advertisers.

My cloth diapers are cheap! They never leak! I never run out! They're easy - my husband even likes changing them! Cloth IS do-able!


03-06-2002, 12:58 AM
And another thing most people won't believe... cloth diapers can be fashionable (or at least attractive). Those WAHM's make up some of the most unique diapers I've ever seen.

Try www.lukesdrawers.com, www.northerndrawers.com, www.belliesandbuns.com, www.angelluvdiapers.com, www.puppydogtails.com.... not to mention the www.wahmall.com.

03-06-2002, 12:56 PM

Thanks for using our message boards!

And thanks for the info on cloth diapers. We have added to our book, since your edition, but we're gratified that you have done even more research. We'll be happy to add still more to that section. We save all these threads and glean them for this kind of feedback and we'll try to include it all in our next edition.

Thanks again,

alan and denise fields

03-07-2002, 12:31 AM
Well, since you mention that, I'll toss in a couple of bits for the Canuck moms - there's a comprehensive diapers-and-lots-more site called www.borntolove.com - tons of different diapers and gear and information on cloth diapering, and, of course, being a Canadian site, no currency conversions or customs fees when you order from them. I have ordered stuff from them, and it has arrived promptly and with no problems.

For Canadian mums who live in or near the Golden Horseshoe (as we call the metropolitan area wrapped around the west end of Lake Ontario), the Mother-ease office (www.mother-ease.com) has a factory outlet in St. Catherines', just north of Niagara Falls. It's a small operation, but there is a modest discount if you walk in and buy stuff, and they have a "factory seconds" trunk which can, depending on the day, yield some fantastic discounts. They don't mind if you call ahead and ask if what you want is in the trunk, so you can decide whether to make the trip or not.

That's all!

Ta for now,