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04-20-2002, 03:14 PM
I love the Baby Bargains book and would love to see 2 topics in it.
First, outdoor gear pertaining to seasonal items (pools, outdoor playards, swim gear, etc)
Second, I would love some sort of size guide. Knowing there are a myriad of baby clothes manufacturers, even the "major" ones would do: carters, oshkosh bgosh, little me, baby/cradle togs, baby gap, children's place - or another national brands found thru national department stores.
Thanks, Amy

04-26-2002, 08:11 AM
I second both of these suggestions...especially the one on seasonal gear. I had a fall baby and was totally in synch with the winter thing (we live in Colorado, so have lots in common with the Fields). But now it's April and my head is swimming with ideas and logistics for summer with a 6 month old and an upcoming trip to the CA beaches.

For winter, things we found invaluable were the NoJo sherpa fleece infant seat cover (sold at BRUs), as well as a snuggly snowsuit we could bundle him up in for walks in the mtns (in the baby bjorn).

For summer, I'm so confused about sunscreen (which kinds are best for a baby with sensitive skin), sunglasses, backyard pools, taking a baby outside (can you get moquito netting and a shade for a pak-n-play), etc. What do you need at the beach? What do you need for airline travel (suggestions on diaper bag must-haves for every season would be great).

Per the clothes issue - I'd especially like to know which manufacturers cut their clothes generous enough to accomodate cloth diapers (I've heard Hanna Anderson - if you can afford it-, Baby Gap, Old Navy BUT NOT Carters, Gymboree). Also, my 18 lb. 6 month son is still wearing some 0-3 mo sizes in a few clothes, but has almost outgrown 9-12 months in others. It's very confusing. If you have any info on which manufacturers tend to run their size bigger, that would be a huge help as well.

Also, any more info on cloth diaps would be great.