View Full Version : Thoughts for your art director / publisher

05-16-2002, 09:44 AM
Hi Alan and Denise,

I've been on bedrest since 18 weeks with my twins-to-be (first time mom to boot!) and your books and website have been invaluable.

The only thing I might suggest for your book is to ask your publisher to modify what's called "running feet" at the bottom of each page to indicate what section you're in. Typically, one page has the title of the book and the facing page has the name of the section/chapter. Currently, both pages contain the book title so it's hard to flip to a specific section.

This would be tremendous help to me and future moms since my book is covered with post-its and I'm sure others are as well. Once I'm up and about, I'll be taking the book with me to all the stores, so the size is great.

I'm an art director of both printed materials and websites and I really appreciate the organization of your information. We call it "purposeful communication".

Thanks again for everything!

Susan Unger
[email protected]