View Full Version : Yard Sales/Tag Sales/Rummage Sales

06-04-2002, 08:46 PM
Your book is a great resource, I wish it was out 4 years ago when I had my daughter! I'm now pregnant with my second and am so happy to have found this book. One thing that isn't mentioned, though, at least not where I saw: yard sales/tag sales/rummage sales/garage sales. I'm not recommending it for furniture (I won't buy used cribs, etc.), but for used baby clothes, onesies, and other "safe" items that are able to be bought used. Just this past weekend I purchased two maternity shirts for $1.50 apiece and they were barely used. I've also gotten great deals on onesies(25 cents-$1), sleepers(50 cents-$2, but I'm picky about these, because they pill after only a few washes), and most infant clothes are barely worn. I've managed to find a nice breastfeeding pillow for 50 cents, a bouncer for $1, Little Tykes toys for my 4-yr-old, and a wonderful array of other items. Used sheets/blankets, books and more. Many people don't realize that there are great bargains to be had at these types of sales, which average between 15-50 each weekend rain/shine from March through October where I live. As for ebay, you have to warn your readers that there are some sellers who are not on the level, and to a newbie that can be a discouraging experience. Check the persons feedback. If they have excessive negatives or are less than 50, beware. Some charge exorbitant shipping and handling fees, and some just take forever to ship. I've been on ebay for 2 years and have seen it from both sides of the coin. To make a few extra dollars here and there, I sell some of the items that I find yard saling. Anyway, hats off for a great book! Hope these suggestions help...