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10-29-2002, 09:47 AM
JUST purchased another copy of 'BAby Bargains' for a pregnant co-worker, I am going through and highlighting things for her - the book is GREAT!!! Also bought 'Toddler Bargains' for myself.

I did notice (p. 418 under Nanny care) that you stated a nanny agency referral fee was $100 to $200. Well.....you might want to take a poll and update that!

I live in the Chicago suburbs, and contacted 2 agencies in our search for childcare. Their fees were $1100 and $1600 respectively. For this, they send you a questionnairre and then forward resumes to you. Supposedly, these nannies are all pre-screened and have background checks, but YOU go through the resumes, you set up the interviews, etc. In other words, you do all the legwork.

We did not go this route, but from what I hear, nannies will sign themselves at a number of agencies. I highly doubt that these agencies conduct background checks on ALL of them on the off chance they will get a referral fee. Maybe I'm wrong, but I am really suspicous of them. Here in Chicago it is well known that you should post an ad in the Chicago Polish or Lituanian newspapers and find one yourself, do the background check yourself, etc. We didn't do that either, but several friends have successfully found wonderful nannies that way.

Also, other women on my GeoParents board claim that agency fees in their areas are running $5000!!!

10-29-2002, 01:55 PM

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Good point. We've heard that from other readers as well. Sorry we underestimated that expense so badly. We appreciate your correction as well as actual prices from your area. We'll be updating the book to come out with a new edition in April 2003, so we'll correct that!

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alan and denise fields