View Full Version : Kudos for Target

11-05-2002, 02:17 AM
Alan and Denise or whomever!..... A happy story about Target... We registered at our's in west St. Petersburg, FL and my hubby went a little wild when choosing a stroller. He insisted on the $200 Graco Air 6 combo, which was the most expensive one they had. I kind of wanted to compare the others and see what really made the Graco better, but he loved those inflatable wheels! Well, we got the stroller/seat about 3 weeks before we had our DD. I'll tell you, by the time she was 5 weeks old, I hated it. It was hard to fold: needed 2 hands, it was heavy and really bulky for me to get in the trunk (the big puffy tires made it even wider and bigger). And the car seat material was wierd... my poor sweetie was always so hot in it! She would come out of it WET with sweat and cranky/crying.

So when we were in the store one day I told them about my problem: I didn't have the box or receipt and it was slightly used, but I really didn't like the thing... and they let me BRING IT BACK for an exchange on a $150 Evenflo Dimensions combo. I really love my Evenflo and could go on and on about its features, both for me and my comfortable baby, but I wouldn't have it if it weren't for the great people at our Target. I go in all the time to buy their own brand of formula, which is excellent, and always buy other things. They obviously know that the way to increase their sales figures is to make customers happy, especially us moms!!

:D Dawn Hunt