View Full Version : More Extensive Stroller and Carseat Sections

12-12-2002, 10:09 PM
As a mom who has been through seven strollers (all but the last was purchased before reading "Toddler Bargains") and five carseats (about to purchas a booster) in four and a half years, the carseat/booster and stroller sections have been the most useful to me. As I look to plan baby #2, I am hopeful that with your new Baby Bargains book I will not make the same purchasing mistakes that I have made in the past.
Your book did a great job of reviewing the major brands of strollers and carseats, but I would love to see more specific model information.
I love your book!! It put an end to the stroller quest!

12-13-2002, 10:46 AM
I definitely second this suggestion!! The book is GREAT but I would love to see more models included. Strollers have been my nightmare (literally!) for over 2 months. The car seat section was very helpful but I felt that it could use more product information, considering the highest rated infant seat was discontinued :-( The car seat issue was so difficult for me becasue it is probably the most important product that one can buy for their baby. Very overwhelming! UGH!! My pulse is racing just thinking about strollers and car seats.


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