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04-11-2003, 06:32 PM
Okay, Iíve learned my lesson. I will not recommend any new forums without asking you ladies first.

Iíve been lurking on this board for a long time now, but donít feel too comfortable posting yet as Iím still trying to conceive my little peanut.

However, this is my absolute favorite board. Iím not really a fan of parentsoup, parentsplace or urbanbaby. The people here are the nicest and friendliest around and without question the most knowledgeable!

I was thinking it would be fantasic if this board was expanded since it really covers more topics than just whatís covered in the book. Itís really a community.

Iíd like all and any comments from you ďregularĒ posters. Then we can gather all the information and relay it to the Fields. They are so accommodating. They donít check this board nearly as much as most of us (hourly myself!).

Personally, Iíd like to see forums like:

In the Kitchen (first meals, formula questions, etc..)
Medicine Chest (medicines, allergies, etc..)
Bedtime Battles (anything to do with bedtime)
Get Togethers (for those who'd like to meet)
Books/CDs/Videos (should have it's own place)

But before I suggest anything, Iíd like your input.

One war is enough, donít need to start one here! :)

04-11-2003, 08:33 PM

I wanted to say welcome to the boards...you have so many great ideas. I know in the email you sent me today you claimed you lurked for awhile and didn't want to "jump in" since you had yet to conceive. I hope you trusted my response when I say you have picked the perfect time to start this venture BEFORE you conceive, you will learn so much and we will all be cheering for you once you do conceive and again 9 months later...

I think your ideas are wonderful...I think your suggestion for us to have a separate CD board has actually helped us to establish a special "butt board" so please thank you for thinking along those lines. We needed a Butt Board...we talk butts a lot around here...

I personally like slings etc being attached to other boards such as strollers because I would not have thought about a sling if I had not seen those posts while I searched for a stroller. But the above forums that you mention sound super and they don't prevent us from seeing things we otherwise might not have stumbled upon!!!

I like the ideas a lot!!!

04-12-2003, 12:00 AM
I will just give a small plug but Ms. Flagger and my board has a couple of those forums already. I know it is called stay at home parents forum, but those who are not staying at home are welcome. You will find many of the same people post in both places.

Advert over.

04-12-2003, 07:40 PM
Go easy on yourself - it wasn't a war, honest!! When I saw the new CD forum, my first thought was, "what a great idea!" Then, once I got inside, I thought again, and changed my mind. "Hey, there's nothing but us CD'ers in here! Hmmm... is that a good thing?" I think that most folks who protested the change were basically in the same space. You don't have to go to an unlisted number, really!!!

And don't worry about not yet having scored a positive on your pregnancy test. Lots of nice folks on this board came in before they were pregnant. _I_ wish I'd discovered it before I was pregnant. Go ahead and post whatever you like! And we'll all cheer when you get two stripes on that little stick!

Of the new sections you suggest, I think I'd like to see the CDs/videos/books one. Discussions of that have tended to end up in the catch-all Lounge area. But I'd like to limit the proliferation of board areas... if only because I'm too lazy to keep popping in and out of them... and because it's too easy to write one off as "something I'm not interested in". I'm amazed at the amount of stuff that I DO get interested in after a couple of people have raised the issue in an area I frequent.



04-12-2003, 08:00 PM
I agree with Kate. I prefer fewer forums. I have also experienced the "I'm not interested in that" and then find that I AM interested in them (two examples that come to mind for me are cloth diapers and slings).

But I am interested in CDs/videos/books area, but I also think a general "Toys&Media" forum (like there is in the Toddler section) would be pretty helpful.

Maybe "Get Togethers" could be added into the "Bios/Introductions" section?

And I also didn't think that our discussion of the new forum was unfriendly and I am very sorry that it was perceived that way.