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06-09-2003, 12:14 PM
Hi Denise and Allan,
Thank you for your wonderful book. I am expecting in October and bought your 5th edition book. I was very pleased with all of the information and have already gotten a great tip from a user on your forum lists here for 42 percent off the Eagle Creek Diaper bag (not included in your book, but maybe next time).

My issue was the abreviated version of your jogger stroller reviews that was included in the baby bargains. For me this is not a toddler issue but something I plan to need as soon as baby can be in it (definitely within year 1) and I was frustrated that I would have to buy the toddler book to get the full review. This is because though I am sure I will buy the toddler book, it is obviously preferred to buy that book when it is current, so getting it now is not really useful for me, but the full jogger stroller info would be.


06-10-2003, 12:34 PM
Thank Deana. Appreciated those comments.

Well, good point. We realize you can use a jogger for babies younger than 12 months (although we don't recommend running with them until they are at least a year of age). However, the main use for joggers is toddlers and older kids.

Hence, that's why we split it off into the new book. Also: BABY BARGAINS is getting rather crowded, as it now tops 520+ pages! We have more room to do justice to this topic in TODDLER BARGAINS.

Hope you understand,
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