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08-18-2003, 08:48 PM
Hi Denise and Alan,
First let me start by saying that buying your book a couple of weeks ago really helped me a lot. We are expecting our first baby in mid-October and I was overwhelmed with conflicting advice and opinions from friends and family about what to buy in terms of furniture to layette to strollers to diapers etc etc. Your book and these message boards helped me decide so many things, I cannot thank you enough. I would never have found ForeverMine furniture (from who I ordered the crib and dresser), never have thought of CDing or slings/pouches, never have thought about a 'reality' layette and would spent tons of money buying random things!

Anyway, I am sure every beginner CDer does a ton of research on what to buy, the first stash, how to wash, where to buy. In that regard, your book had some information but I feel a whole chapter would be great! Specifically on:
1. Prefolds (bleached, unbleached, hemp), how to wash, how to FOLD, different size options, what is Chinese/European.
2. Covers. Most popular types, PUL, nylon, wool. Type of closures, applix/snaps. How to wash etc.
3. Fitted Diapers: Material Choices (hemp/terry/organic/velour), snaps or applix and some popular brands (WAHM and not)
4. Cloth Wipes and wipes solutions.

Basically a whole lot more info so each parent does not feel so overwhelmed and spend tons of hours researching and re-inventing the wheel as if it were! Since I stay at home I can spend hours researching different WAHM flavours etc but I am sure many parents are very busy.

Thanks for listening!
Rashmi (edd 10/19/03)