View Full Version : Any hope for the "Second-time around or More" BB Board?

08-27-2003, 11:31 PM
Hi -

Love the update to the site - I was just wondering if there was any hope of getting the board for Baby Bargain fans who are expecting or experiencing their second (or third or fourth) baby?! I posted this a while ago, & Denise & Alan responded it was a good idea and mentioned it being a possibility. I know that all this work on the website has been the focus, but as I get ready for baby #2, I still find that I'd love to have a board where I could swap tips exclusively with Moms who are not first-timers anymore (Whether also expecting or already have more than one). It's just a different game (especially b/c it's hard to find the time to sort through all the "newbie" posts when you've got a 14 month old toddling around and pulling on your leg to play!)

I'd appreciate any update - thanks again!