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09-14-2003, 02:15 PM
Okay, I've stolen this phrase from Vicki Iovine's book, so we can't use that wording. But I've been thinking about this in a general way. There are a lot of posts that come under the loose heading of "Parent Care"... how do I lose the preggo weight so that I can wear my clothes again, how do I revive my intimate relationship with my partner (or is it DOA for good?) and how do I handle the birth control issue now, how do I keep my parents/in-laws from driving me nuts, how do I carve out a little "me-time", and what is the most restorative thing I can do with it, how do I hook up with other parents when the cabin fever gets too intense?

My Dad has always said that "the number one rule of parenting is survival of the parent!" You may have already covered this in your Baby 411 book, which I haven't seen yet, so I apologize if I'm out of sync, but a chapter on Parental Survival (I Want Me Back!) might be a neat thing to have. Some of it could be covered by you, and some areas could be covered by referrals to really good books/online resources on the particular topic. As it is, I find that my Vicki Iovine books are the only ones I have ever encountered that turn the spotlight on what the parent is going through, for more than just a few seconds. All the other books drop a sentence to the effect that, "If you've got the blues, go out for dinner or have a bubble bath," and then hustle back to the consuming topic of the baby. Who is a pretty consuming topic, I admit, but the family's needs don't end there!

Just a thought...



09-14-2003, 07:51 PM
That might be a good topic for the Baby 411 book (but that book itself is more focused on the baby's first year than the parent!). But we see your point!

We'll think about adding that to the Baby 411 message boards,
Alan & Denise Fields, authors