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11-12-2003, 10:24 AM
I would like to make a suggestion about handling suggestions. How about putting a poll in the field asking members to vote about making a change before the change is actually made? This system allows all members one vote only.

For example, there has been much debate regarding the rating system. Should we keep it or not? I would be disappointed to log on to the boards and discover that they were gone without having ever voiced my opinion about it. Yes, I know I can join in on one of the threads debating the issue, but I choose to avoid controversial topics that get personal on this board. However, just because I do not wish to comment why I think we should keep or not keep the ratings I feel I should still have a vote in the matter. It's a "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" kind of thing. I believe there are many, many, members on this board who are taking this approach to the controversial issues, hoping if we just remain quiet it will go away rather than taking sides and feeding the fire.

So, before making a decision based on the outcry of a few, please consider those of us who choose to remain quiet in order to maintain peace on this board.

11-12-2003, 11:24 AM
Though I agree that a poll would be a great way to gauge opinions(and get a better view of the bigger population), I truly believe that in the end, the Fields have to do what is best for them and Baby Barbains/Baby 411/Toddler Bargains.

I think that we (as a whole) sometimes forget that these boards were first created as a means to talk about different products and our opinions of those products. We have grown as a community and opened ourselves up to the entire parenting process.

Like others, I myself have chosen to "hold my tongue" on far too many (personal)topics lately lest I fuel the fire. I truly believe that we need to remind ourselves of what the Fields original purpose was and try our best to not put them or the volunteer moderators in the position of "hall monitor" or "policeman". Because of the community, I have grown so much as a parent and I would hate to see that destroyed!

Alan & Denise - if I have gotten your intentions for this board wrong, please correct me! TIA!

As for the rest of the community, please take a moment to consider the position we are putting the Fields in.

Rose (who is now going back into semi-lurk/hold tongue mode)
mom 2 Katie (almost 3!)
& Jack (19 months)

11-12-2003, 01:41 PM
I think polling is a great idea.
I USUALLY never comment on heated situations here but this time I did and I wish I didn't. I hated what was happening and just wanted it to stop....but I think I made it worse with my suggestion!
I think I'll stick to posting about William, Christopher and products (lol)!
Mom with good intentions.

11-12-2003, 03:42 PM

Actually, I totally agree with you. Alan & Denise should have the final say about what direction to take the boards. I'm merely suggesting that if they are unsure about what they think is best, to take it to a poll instead of just reading a few posts from a few members.

Thanks for bringing that up. Sometimes it's hard to get your point across in writing.

And Alan & Denise, thanks for providing this forum for us.

11-16-2003, 09:50 PM
You're welcome folks. Well, good idea---if we were to take a MAJOR change like turning on/off the ratings system, we should take a poll. Sometimes, we just add something to the boards (like the new crafts forum) because it sounds good to us. But if we do something big to change the boards, we will get everyone's feedback first!

The ratings issue is something we've decided to let slide for now. That is, we're keeping them, based on the feedback we've received. We may revisit it in the future if it becomes a problem!

Alan & Denise