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07-06-2004, 09:55 AM
I know that since this is a baby "bargains" book that many of the bags we discuss in the diaper bag forum aren't really considered a "bargain" and may not be included in the book. However, I do think some other options besides Lands End or Eddie Bauer should be mentioned. After reading the book's recommendations, I checked those bags out, and I knew I did not want either of them. (The Land's End bags felt so heavy to me when they were empty.) Thus my diaper bag search began...

Five months and over $1000 later, here are some of the bags that I consider to be a good value (good quality, good styling, good functionality, and a good investment...kinda like recommending a Peg over a Graco because of quality)...

1. Skip Hop Duo- for $50, this is a great bag. Wears well as a messenger bag, attaches securely to almost any stroller, superb organization, good sized changing pad, and tons of cute mom and dad friendly colors to boot.

2. Baby Sherpa Backpack- retails for about $80, but you can get it on Ebay for about $40. Rugged styling (which dads tend to like), good organization, light colored interior, plus a wonderful built in cooler! This was indispensable to us during the early months, as we had to formula feed. Just add some ice packs, and you can fit feedings for the whole day! The exterior features pocket, hooks and detachable bottle/sippy holders- both insulated and non.

3. Fleurville's Alpha 7- retails $120. This is definitely a pricey bag, but for the parent who really, really wants an attractive bag, this is a good choice (and a heck of a lot cheaper than a Kate Spade). All of Fleurville's bags feature wonderful organization, quality construction, included accessories, insulated bottle holder, and are backed by some super customer service. The Alpha 7 wears well messenger style but also converts to be worn as a backpack. They also offer a few waterproof fabric options.

4. Ella Bags- if you can't find what you really want, just design it yourself. For under $100, you can custom-design a bag to your specifications. Select from tons of fabrics, bag styles, and upgrades to design your dream bag. You can even add a vinyl interior to keep spills from uglifying your bag. Great customer service and owners who stand behind their product. Discounts are available seasonally on these message boards.

I'd also like to add a few honorable mentions:

1. Chester Handbags- great sale prices, great customer service, waterproof exterior, but black inside... (I've owned 5, sold all but 2)
2. Loom- superior organization and construction, but cumbersome strap (I've owned 3 and sold them all)
3. Dobre Goods- good prices, great prints, construction quality leaves much to be desired
4. Fleurville Escape Pod- quite possibly the most perfect small, small diaper bag there is. Great for quick jaunts and wonderful organization. It's $50. For that, I might as well stick a diaper and some wipes in a nice purse I can use later on. That said, I own one and use it daily...
5. Fleurville Mothership- this is the mother of all diaper bags. Large bag will fit everything for a whole day and possibly a weekend. Waterproof vinyl exterior, super organization, and high quality construction. Cumbersome, non-adjustable strap makes messenger style wearing difficult and uncomfortable, and it's $150. This could be a good value if it's your only diaper bag or if you have multiples.
6. Kecci Shanghai Mommy Bag- retails for $58, can buy for as little as $37. Great low-cost alternative to the petunia Picklebottom look. Nice fabrics and light-colored interiors. The quality doesn't impress, but you get what you pay for. This has become my new daily bag because it's lightweight, functional, and for $37, I really don't care what I do to it!

Anyhow, I'm writing a small book here! I just would like to see some other options suggested in the book. :)

Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003

07-06-2004, 11:39 AM
Don't leave out Timbuk2! Lots of Timbuk2 fans here, and the pricing is fairly reasonable.

07-06-2004, 12:13 PM
Yes! I can't wait until I get my Timbuk2 through the co-op so I can speak for myself about these bags too!

Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003

07-06-2004, 10:51 PM
Right on as usual! Thanks, Mariana :-)

07-10-2004, 10:57 PM
Are any of these bags available in a store? It seems difficult to buy a bag online without previewing it first.

07-10-2004, 11:01 PM
Yup, they sure are!

Skip Hops are getting very popular and can be found at most Nordstrom's and Mimi Maternity stores. I hear they are also carried at Buy Buy Baby.

Fleurville bags are also widely popular and can be found at The Right Start and many baby boutiques.

Ella Bags has a store in GA, but their products have a very wide distribution to boutiques.

If you check out each company's website, they list the retailers that carry their products, so you can get a hand's on feeling before you invest. :)

www.chesterhandbags.com (I haven't seen these in a store around me)

Have fun browsing!

Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003

07-10-2004, 11:37 PM
Thanks...I look fwd to replacing my Enfamil bag!

07-11-2004, 02:31 AM
Thanks for a great resourse!!! So nice of you to go to the trouble. And thanks for handeling the shipping on the Timbuk-2 order!!!!

07-11-2004, 01:33 PM
If you're including boutique bags, Whimsical Wears (www.whimsicalwears.com) should be mentioned. I've had both Ella and Whimsical Wears bags, and the WW bags are beyond comparison--better materials, better workmanship, better customer service and better prices.


07-28-2004, 10:33 PM
I am grateful to the Fields for their extremely informative books (bridal bargains, your new house, and of course baby bargains). Baby Bargains was an excellent resource for me, having moved to a new town early in my pregnancy, and also without many friends with children. Also, I live in a suburb and did not have a car during my pregnancy. Therefore, I made most of my purchases online. I was very dependent on BB recommendations. I didn't spend much time on selecting a diaper bag, and between BB book and a friend's rec, I purchased a Land's End bag. I didn't really get into I think I would have found the information in Mariana's post helpful. I did not realize there was a world of diaper bags beyond the ones I had seen at BRU and in LE. Prior to the baby, I had selected all of my bags (computer, lumbar, carryon, messenger, camera etc) with great exactness.

The LE bag certainly serves the purpose and is far more useful to me than many other bags on the market, but it lacks space efficiency which I need when I use it as a carryon on the plane, and it does not fit in my stroller basket, which I never considered before.

So, what I am saying is that the information in Mariana's post would have been helpful to me and perhaps I would have spent a bit more time thinking about it, but then again maybe not. I think now I would choose a Skip Hop Duo or a Kecci (if I were feeling a bit glam).