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11-05-2001, 05:31 AM
I was hoping to make handprint/footprint keepsakes of my baby for the grandparents and for us, and am unimpressed with what I've seen advertised on web sites. I've found a few recipes and ideas for making or using normal clay at home, but I'd hoped to find an attractive, permanent way that could be displayed in a frame, maybe even that came with a frame.

Has anyone done this, and any suggestions?

12-19-2001, 03:16 AM

I saw something like what you're describing in the Personal Creations catalog. You can view their website at:


Do a search once you get on the site for "Child Handprint" and it will bring you to what I'm thinking of. It's 9.95 on that site.

I think it's a wonderful way to display such a wonderful occasion!

Take care,

02-25-2002, 11:58 PM
QVC had something that was really nice right before the holidays that we ordered. They offered two crafts to make: you could either order one that would make a suncatcher type product (out of a crystal-like material) with the baby's handprint/footprint in the middle, or the product we got that makes castings of either a foot or a hand--again, the finished product looks like crystal but is very durable. They even included in the one we got little mirrored bases to attach the finished castings to. The price was a little hefty--by the time S&H were included, we ended up paying about $32.00, but each kit made 2 castings. It was pretty easy to do--just make sure you do it outdoors on a sunny day. The materials to make the molds are non-toxic according to the labels, but when you pour the liquid "crystal" into the mold, you definitely don't want to be inside or around the child/infant (and they warn you about this in the instructions). They sold out of the kits we got while they were on the TV, but you can sometimes order stuff from them on their website. I threw away the boxes etc after we made the crafts--but they have a good product finder on the website or you can call the 800 number and describe it to the operator--I've done this before and they're usually really good at finding what you're looking for.

03-01-2002, 02:04 PM
Hi! You might find good luck with this kit available on www.GiftCatalog.com in the Signals section; it was a breeze to use (no mixing - nontoxic molding clay), plus there's an attached hinged frame for a photo. It's only $18, so a good deal too:


If you are interested in a larger size (11 x 14) then they also have this Babyprints option available for $35 which also includes a portion for a photo:


Good luck!