View Full Version : Traveling by plane...any tips?

08-18-2002, 07:59 PM
Me and DD will be traveling by plane soon and I'm open to any tips you all might have.

08-19-2002, 07:57 AM
Here's a link to an earlier discussion of this topic.


This actually gets discussed a fair bit. Try searching for airline and you should get a bunch of threads.

My big hitters for me are:
1) Pack light! Try to have only one carry-on if possible.
2) A stroller with a one handed fold.
3) Buy a seat for baby and use your own carseat.
4) Be prepared and have extra food in your carry-on.

If you have more questions, ask away. :)


08-22-2002, 09:51 AM
I flew with my 17 month old DD last Labor Day. We purchased the Sit 'n Stroll carseat from The Right Start for about $175. It's an unusual carseat that is also a stroller. The handle slides out from the back and the wheels unfold from the base. Numerous airline employees (flight attendants, ticket agents, etc.) commented on what a great product it is. We had to change plans and ended-up on two puddle-jumpers. The baggage handlers on the small planes who had to help us down the shakey stairsteps even noted our chair and said that more people should use them. The seat/stroller *just* fits in the aisle. I was able to push DD to our row, fold-up the stoller components, lift her and the seat into her seat, and buckle the whole thing in. When landing and changing planes, I reversed the process. She didn't get out of the car seat until we were in the terminal and at/near the gate for our next flight. This was particularly handy when we had tight connections. I admit that the child/car seat combo is hefty. It may have been smarter to take her out as I changed the seat to/from a stroller. All in all, though, I was glad to have this product. PLUS, we had a car seat with us at our destination.