View Full Version : Help! My screen has gone all wonky.

11-06-2002, 09:52 AM
I just logged on to check the boards this morning and all of a sudden the site is displaying strangely on my computer screen...all of the fields no longer fit on my screen... I have to scroll from left to right to see everything. I've tried a number of things to solve the problem but to no avail. I have a feeling the solution is deceptively simple but I can't figure it out. Any help is appreciated.


11-06-2002, 01:37 PM
Yeah- I have that too sometimes! usually just click on the "maximize" button in the top right corner of the page (it can be maximize or restore) and that makes the page fill the entire screen and solves the prob. Don't know why it happens though...only with some boards some of the time!! HTH

11-06-2002, 03:31 PM
Thanks for the reply. The problem appears to have fixed itself. Everything was normal when I logged in this time. Weird.