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11-11-2002, 04:51 PM
Here's my experience with a 2000 collection crib:

Purchased Morigeau 2000 Collection crib in Aug 2000 prior to arrival of son in early Oct 2000
Upon delivery of the crib, I noticed the mattress I purchased did not fit per guidelines issued by CPSC and contacted my retailer. My retailer said they had "never had such a problem" but would do whatever it took to make me happy. I exchanged the mattress but it never fit properly...too much room existed on one or two sides...could get more than two fingers in between crib railing and mattress. Being close to 9 mos pregnant, I just stuffed my crib bumper in the opening and hoped nothing would happen. Fortunately, we've not had an incident but I would never feel comfortable not using the bumper.
Son is now 2 years old and still sleeping in crib because he's never attempted to crawl out so why switch him to a "big boy" bed until he does so? On three different occasions in Sept 02 he was able to kick out the crib slats which left a gaping hole in the side of the crib. (The crib was on locked wheels but on a wooden floor which enabled my son to stick his legs through the railing pushing crib away from wall. He then proceeded to kick on the side of the crib)Luckily, my husband and I were close by and heard him. The first two times my husband was able to pop the slat back into place - he kicked the same one out. The third time I was home alone and put him down for a nap. He kicked out a different slat in the center of the railing and I was unable to "pop" it back in place. I noticed there was damage to the frame where the slat fits in the bottom so I was afraid to touch it. I called the retailer who sent a technician out that day. He looked at it and my son and commented that "he was getting pretty big to be sleeping in a crib" and that "the furniture was not made to be kicked". He was able to fit the slat back in place. I was furious at such an attitude and figured since the crib was no longer under warranty that the retailer really wasn't going to do anything else.
I notified Morigeau via email about my problem and mentioned the retailer I bought it from in late Sept 02 and never received a response.
Sent another email Oct 02 and asked for notification they had received my email....no response.
Retailer calls me earlier this week and says they have "replacement gate" for the crib. Charge for gate is $135 from Morigeau and $75 retailer installation fee. Obviously, Morigeau and retailer have been in contact with one another. I told retailer to keep the gate because I had already spent close to $1000 for crib and if any more money was going to be spent it would be on another bed. I told retailer I thought Morigeau had a design and safety problem. Retailer is contacting Morigeau to see if they will replace for free.
I notified U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding this problem.

I am wondering if I am the only one who has had a problem with a Morigeau crib???

02-27-2003, 03:47 PM
I know this post is on the old side, but hopefully this will help clear up some confusion, if the original poster is still around and with anyone else who may read it.

I was a sales associate and a customer service representative for a Boston area retailer of children's furniture. My knowledge is more on the children's furniture side, but our company also has several long-standing baby stores.

What you were told by the technician is absolutely correct. The furniture is not meant to be kicked, and your child was getting a little big to be sleeping in his crib. Warranties on furniture cover normal wear and tear. If your child kicks out a slat on his crib, that is not normal wear and tear. Just as if, say, your older child got angry and threw something at his bed. If whatever he threw dented the wood, would the manufacturer be responsible?

While there may be a safety concern if you intend to use this crib for another infant somewhere down the line, odds are at this point you're better off taking off the damaged gate, if you can, and letting the child use the crib as a toddler bed. At two, he is most likely getting too large and too heavy to be sleeping in the crib anymore anyway.

I understand if you were upset by the way you were treated by the technician, and possibly both his and the retailer's attitude. The better retailers will work with you when you have a problem, and the majority of retailers that sell infant and children's furniture will help you even if the problem is one they don't necessarily have to help you with - in this instance, they can get you the part you need and put it on for you, even if you may have to pay for it. It may seem like a waste now when your child is really in need of a big-kid bed soon. But you'll be glad you purchased quality furniture from a reputable dealer and manufacturer someday when you have a problem that does require attention, whether it was a manufacturer's problem, or a problem you or your child created.