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03-09-2003, 09:21 PM
My 21-month old son is hopelessly attached to a stuffed Carter’s Bunny that is swiftly falling apart. I’ve spoken with both Carter’s and the original manufacturer and it is no longer being made or sold. If you think you have this in your home, I can e-mail you a picture to see if it’s a match…

So, if your child has the below-described bunny in decent shape and would be willing to part with it, will you contact me at [email protected]? We will pay a “finder’s fee” and shipping, of course.

Stuffed Carter’s Classic Bunny
White head, light blue body, white feet, hands and tail
Very soft with a rattle sound inside
Manufactured by Prestige Toy Corp.
Originally came with a blue and white gingham ribbon tied around his neck.

Thank you!

03-24-2003, 11:58 PM
Make that 2 bunnies being sought after! Sorry, I don't have the Carter's one, but my son is highly attached to his "Hop" & I've been unable to find another one (just in case!).

It was purchased at a Filene's (part of the May Company stores, i.e. Lord & Taylor, Hecht's) in Rhode Island in 2001 -- tan, raggedy fur w/ white paws & white inside ears, approx. 4 inches long, blue ribbon tied around the neck, manufactured by Chosun International.

I've searched the Chosun website (they're out of Asia) but dear Hop isn't there. And, the customer service people with May Co weren't able to help either.

Anybody have a spare Hop?! Thank you!!