View Full Version : tubed or wired toddlers and beds

03-13-2003, 12:39 PM

My DS is almost 17 months old, and currently sleeps in a crib with a crib tent. I know that sooner or later he'll be transitioned into a bed. He has had a number of feeding difficulties and gets most of his nutrition via overnight feedings. A special pump (an enteral pump) delivers the food through his gastrostomy tube (G-tube), which was surgically implanted into his stomach. And therein lies my concern -- once he goes into a bed, I would imagine that he'll want to climb out of it on his own, but that could pose a problem since he'll be connected to the pump.

Is there anyone else here whose intubated or wired, but otherwise mobile, child has already made the transition from crib to bed? If so, do you have any suggestions for making the transition easier or safer? (I'm hoping that there might be some sort of special bed rail available that would decrease the possibility of his leaving his bed.) Another twist to all of this: My son is delayed in his language development, so I wouldn't simply be able to explain to him that he must not leave his bed and expect him to understand me (much less to remember and follow those directions).

I plan to call the gastroenterology department of the local children's hospital to see if they have any ideas, but I'm not terribly hopeful. (If they do have some, I'll pass them along to the group.)

Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

- Lynn