View Full Version : Bedroom furniture - Mattress only beds? Quality of Bonavita and E G Furniture?

07-10-2003, 02:30 PM
I am just starting to look for bedroom furniture for my 2 year old daughter and I'm finding that many of the twin beds do not use a boxspring. Is this somewhat standard in children's furniture? It seems like it will be a benefit now in that she will be closer to the ground, but I am wondering how happy we will be with this arrangement as she grows older? We'd like to buy a set that she'll have throughout adolescence. We'd also like a bed with a trundle underneath (most of those are probably a little higher off of the ground to start with, so they probably wouldn't use a boxspring anyway). I have heard that it is best for a mattress to rest on a boxspring, but I think that is for longevity of the mattress and not necessarily for health or comfort reasons. Does anybody have any information on this? Will the bed look downsized for an older child with just a mattress on it?

Also, we are considering sets from Bonavita and from E.G. Furniture and I am wondering if anyone can comment on their quality?


07-14-2003, 02:43 PM
We just bought EG furniture for our toddler son's bedroom. We purchased the Chloe Vogue collection and we love it! It is quality furniture that should last a long time. I looked for months for furniture and am so happy we chose EG. I also had the same concern with it looking too small with just a mattress on it, but it truly doesn't. And, if you did put a box spring on there, it wouldn't look right b/c the mattress would cover up too much of the headboard. As for longevity of the mattress, it will do just fine b/c there are board supports on the frame that will support the mattress. We also have the same setup for our king size bed and it works great. Good luck.

01-19-2004, 10:23 PM
Anyone else have any experience with EG furniture ? I saw some at a local baby store, and the manager highly recommended it, but I haven't heard much about it. It looks great, and seems a little sturdier than RT, but I am far from a children's furniture expert, so any input would be greatly appreciated ! thanks

01-28-2004, 10:18 PM
Your daughters bed will be fine without a box spring no matter how long she uses it. I've never had a bed with a box spring. As long as the bed has something for the mattress to rest on (i.e., a platform, springs or wooden slats attached or resting on the frame)it will be fine. Most contemporary beds don't have box springs -- I think of it has a more traditional look.