View Full Version : looking for cute toddler bedding

07-15-2003, 10:58 PM
I am now beginning to search for bedding for my daughter when she gets her "big girl" bed. She is only 13 months but I have to find something to obsess about since I am done shopping for strollers and diaper bags! =)
I love Baby LuLu bedding but can't afford it. Anyone know of a company that makes cute bedding? I have looked at PBK, Land of Nod, etc. I don't necessarily want a theme to the bedding- but maybe something that mixes stripes with flowers, etc or the shabby chic look.
Any ideas? Thanks!

10-26-2003, 05:39 PM

If you have a HomeGoods near you I would suggest visiting one of them. They have a great Children's area with bedding, lamps, furniture etc. The prices are great! They have a good mix of bedding from PB looks to simple stripes etc.

11-02-2003, 02:33 AM
If you arent looking for toddler bedding but twin sized bedding.. JCpenneys has some really cute bedding sets! I also thing that the quality is good especially for the good prices! THey have a lot on their website with lots of cute accessories. We almost got Angela the lady bug set, or a gingham one. We got the gingham one but returned it when we found out the baby was a girl....and from what I saw the quality was quite nice!

And just my two cents, but I personally dont see the need for a toddler sized bed....unless you have a convertable crib where its already there, I personally wouldnt go out and buy a toddler bed, they really dont get much use out of them in my opinion. I would rather just get the twin and put a bed rail on it. Angela has been in her bed since she was 18 months and only fell out of it once...which was last week ( she is now almost three and a half) and thats only because her new thing is sleeping on the edge or end of the bed so that she can coax the cat into bed with her hehehe. Anyhow...thats just my opinion!

I dont know where there is any cute toddler bedding....All I have ever seen is just quilted blankets and sheets....I would just get some cute sheets and a nice blanket to put over it rather then the silly quilts they sell which dont look cumfy at all, or make your own if you know how.