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11-08-2003, 11:07 PM
I am in the process of choosing furniture for two kids rooms for my 2, 4 and 6 year old. One room will have bunk beds etc. I will be buying a large number of pieces

I love the look of the Morigeau bunk beds from the 6200 line in Dark Cherry/Bordeau with furniture from the 3500 line in the same stain

The problem is that I have been to 2 different non discount retailers in my area (Long Island) and each has some pieces from the 3500 line but they all seem to have problems

Retailer #1 was selling and Armoire and a desk on clearnance. There were major differences in the stains on the pieces and the stain was coming off the edges much like you would find on much cheaper furniture. The fact that the piece may have been in the window may accont for the stain variation within the piece but not the color coming off the edges (also in hidden places or places unlikely to be handled by customers) Retailer #2 had a corner unit bookshelf that had the same problems with the stain coming off the edges. All pieces were in a dark stain. Is this supposed to be distressed?

Retailer #1 had no answer, retailer #2 claimed it was just what happens when a piece is cleaned that has a sharp edge. My Ethan Allen furniture does not do this?! Also, Retailer #2 also had a white dresser that the finish looked ok on but it seemed there were some minor problems with the foot molding, they did not look quite straight

All in all I find this puzzeling since Morgieau has a great reputation. I know 3 people that have pieces from other series and have had them for a while and are all happy with them. I do not mind making hte investment in Morigeau but am I getting my moneys worth (and if anyone knows the cheapest place to get it let me know!)

My other choice is Rumble Tuff (I know it was rated highly) and AP Industries (I wonder how well made their drawers are, if you have any thoughts let me know) but I am still in love with the sleigh bunk bed and my 6 year old likes it the best too

Finally, if I am purchasing from an authorized dealer that does discount, do I have to worry that they will not assemble the furniture well? or fix any imperfections

Very confused


L Lerner

11-22-2003, 11:16 PM
I buy furniture for the kids from AP Industries. In general, I find the quality and workmanship are better than Morigeau. The other Canadian brand that you might want to check out is EG. Comparable to AP, but can be somewhat more limited in terms of beds.