View Full Version : Do those crib tents work?

01-03-2004, 08:44 PM
It seems the inevitable is approaching: DH caught Gannon with his arms over the sides of the crib, and his feet stuck in the slats. I'm surprised we've been able to go this long without him jumping out.

But when I looked a while back, it seemed the average price was $70...That seems like a lot for some shaped mesh. But do they really work?

01-05-2004, 09:23 AM
I just posted a reply to a similiar thread on the BB board. Yes, crib tents do work. I bought one after DD flung herself out of the crib onto the hardwood floor. They work so well, that we are having a hard time making the crib to bed adjustment. DD actually enjoys it so much that she wants one on the big bed. I bought one for my SIL at Zany Brainy last week for $40. The problem is there is only one manufacturer and the MSRP is around $60-70. I think I bought mine at Baby Depot w/ a coupon. HTH! :)

03-05-2004, 03:48 PM
They do work...my DD climbed out at 18 months and I was no where near ready to do the bed transition. She initially didn't like it, but got used to it for about 4-5 months, and then right before her 2nd birthday she started fighting going in the crib/tent. Around that time we gave up and moved her to a bed. For safety purposes, the tent works great.

03-05-2004, 09:34 PM
I feel your pain, Joanne! And I am surprised that Mr. Gannon wasn't ahead of DS in this one. We've been battling this for weeks now (and have been suffering the 5am wake-ups, now that DS gets out of his crib at his first moment of awakening).

I heard mixed things about the crib tents. They work great for some people and not for others. I ended up just biting the bullet and plan on moving him to a big bed (it will arrive in 2 weeks). DS is such a major climber in all ways that I just thought the crib tent would be more of a pain than a help for us. But you know Gannon best, so factor in his personality and if you think he would just let it go or not. Also, if you know anyone who has one, why don't you borrow before you buy to see if it will work for Gannon?

And if you think it would be a good thing for you guys, I would run out and buy one NOW before he actually gets out on his own! Let us know what happens!