View Full Version : bed rails?

05-03-2004, 04:28 PM
We'll be moving our 19-mo-old to a twin bed sometime in the next few months, as we have a 6-wk-old currently in a bassinet who will need the crib in a few months. My question is: do we need bedrails? or a frame? We have a twin bed and box springs, no headboard, frame, etc. I know TB/BB books say bed rails are unsafe but our DD sleeps up next to the crib rails and moves a lot during her sleep. I've read about possible suffocation if the bed is just pushed up next to a wall (without a rail). One friend has an upper bunkbed from Cargo Kids that has a wooden rail all the way around. They currently use just the rail by the wall, not the rail on the outside. But they also can't use a box springs and we already have that. I am looking into various bed rails but I don't want to waste money or do something unsafe. What have you all tried and what advice do you have? (I've already searched the archives, and found some good advice.) Thanks, Ruth