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05-30-2004, 06:21 PM
DS is two, and baby # 2 is on the way in October. We never really bought DS a bedroom set, just a single dresser. Now that we're getting ready to buy him a big boy bed, we're gearing up to buy him furniture as well. My Mom keeps telling me NOT to buy little kid furniture, because it will just have to be replaced in a few years when he outgrows it. Plus, the few kids' stores we looked at had very cheaply made junk. I don't want to get him huge adult stuff either, though. Clearly the dressers we have in our master bedroom would be too huge for him. What have you all done?

05-31-2004, 10:22 PM
I bought a really nice Morigeau set (crib, dresser + hutch, bookcase, and rocker) for Kathleen's nursery when she was born. The crib converts into a headboard for a double bed. I figure when we are done having kids she will get it back. When we transitioned her to her big girl room, we went to Target and bought some pieces from the Thomasville Country Lane line:



Night stand:


And bookcase (but in white to match the rest):


I never had expensive pieces growing up and I figure my kids won't either--except for Kathleen who gets the Morigeau. ;)

The Target stuff is awesome. We've gotten lots of compliments on it. It looks expensive, yet didn't break the bank. Plus, it doesn't look like juvenile furniture. It will grow with Ellen, who will probably end up with it, until she goes away to college. HTH!

06-01-2004, 07:29 AM
Our nursery contains a crib (bought used) and a dresser that was mine as a child. It's the perfect height for a changing table so we have a changing pad on it.

My other dd's room had my daybed from when I was a child and a garage sale find dresser. Just in the last month, we replaced the daybed with a set of bunkbeds.

I don't know what you want as far as a 'set'. I am enjoying buying one piece at a time (my dd didn't have a dresser until I found 'the perfect one'). LOL Now that two of my girls will be sharing a room, I bought oak bunk beds and I can add an oak dresser/armoire or something at some point. I don't plan to buy a desk or really anything else, simply because their room isn't that big. :D