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08-13-2004, 07:42 PM
I just noticed all the posts about Snug Tuck and Jeanne...it's a shame that she didn't disclose that she owns Snug Tuck, but in my opinion, I think people are raking her through the coals a little too much. I don't think she was out to fool anyone so that she could make a few more bedrails.

As for her product...I can vouch that it is the best bedrail out there...hands down...and everyone that walks in my house wants one too. Two of my friends got them for their kids and love it too. So if anyone is on the fence about it, it's a great product.

And I DON'T work for the company...I just think the Snug Tuck is amazing.

08-14-2004, 01:44 AM
I think it's great that the snug tuck is an awesome product. I am happy to support WAH moms who develop and market a great product.

But this situation with Jeanne first came up over a month ago. Alan and Denise were alerted that a poster named Jeanne Barajas was answering questions regarding transitioning to the big bed by touting the snug tuck pillow. Another poster asked "is this an ad?" and then there were several posts about the situation and the Fields' clarified that VENDORS must disclose their status as vendors.

"Squeeker" sent emails to several of us through the boards apologizing for the misunderstanding (or at least that's how I read the note).

So then she changes her screen name from "Jeanne Barajas" to "Squeeker" and goes on to anonymously answer questions about the transition saying things about how the snug tuck is so awesome. She does not post in her real name - becasue by now we all know who owns snug tuck, and SHE DOES NOT DISCLOSE that she is the owner of the company. This behavior is extremely deceptive in my opinion.

She was notified of the board's policies a month ago and she deceided to post "anonymously" touting her product. I think it's wrong. We have several vendors on the boards (Kimberly Knowles of Whimsical Wear bags springs to mind) who actively participate in discussions separate from their own business and disclose that they are business owners. That is honest and forthright and commendable, in my opinion. She is a bona fide member of this community.

Someone who tries to trick all of us as to her identity and act like just another mom when she is actively seeking to SELL us something is violating the policies here. And since she was notified earlier this summer about what's permitted and isn't, it looks like she KNOWINGLY violated the policy. And that really (as you can certainly tell by now) ticks me off.

I have no quarrel with the snug tuck as a product. I'm glad to hear that she came up with a good solution to a longstanding problem. I hope she makes a good profit selling them. But I don't want her using US and these boards to sell her pillows when she knows it's against the rules.

08-14-2004, 03:46 AM
I think it has become a character issue. I absolutely think she was "out to fool people so that she could make a few more bedrails". No one is saying bad things about SnugTuck- but if it so good, let the positive posts be genuine, not fake testimonials from the actual owner/maker of the product. Her actions have offended several honest posters here, and I know I'm leary of looking into her product now. Like the previous poster said, honest owners that disclose their business have been VERY embraced on Baby Bargains- the owners of Ella Bags and Whimsical Wears can attest to that, and even the owner of Preschoolians shoes and Colgate Mattresses have posted and been helpful. I hope she stops her fake praise of Snug Tuck, because instead of the positive effect she was hoping for, she is actually getting negative buzz by continuing this.