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08-30-2004, 04:37 PM
I saw another post about the transition but opted to make a new post since I think my circumstances are a little different...

Basically, after putting it off for quite some time, DH and I finally let Sydney CIO on a night when we knew she was tired and feeling fine (about 14.5 months). The first night took about 15 minutes and DH and I were feeling pretty positive about it. So the next night, we did it again and it took less than ten minutes. Then the next night we were out of town at my parents and we put her to bed in her portacrib there and let her her cry for a bit and she fell asleep eventually (Note: she's never been a super sleeper at my parents).

Anyway, we returned home the next day only to find that she was terrified of her crib and would basically not go near it. I don't recall how we managed to get her to bed that night but it was not via crying. DH and I did some reading and found that some babies are overly sensitive and that CIO may backfire. So we think that is what happened with Sydney. Ever since then, we have had her sleep on the floor on a comforter. At night when she is getting tired, we turn out the lights and lay down. After awhile, she'll come over and lay down with us. Once she falls asleep, we put the blanket on her and leave her room.

So we've been doing this for over a month now and I'm thinking we need to get her off the floor. We happen to have a twin bed that has a very thin box spring so it's really not too high off the ground. So my questions are...

Is it too early to transition her to something bsides a crib (16 months) and if so, is the twin bed okay or should it be the twin mattress?

Is a toddler bed really neccesary. The way things are going now, DH or I will have to be in bed with her so it need to support our weight.

Just wondering if any one has experienced something similar, i.e the kid hates their crib. Do you think we should try the crib one more time or do you think it's okay to just move her to a bed?

Thanks all.


08-31-2004, 09:28 AM
No exp with crib hating, but I did move my DS to a regular bed before he was 2.

He was about 16.5 months (due to the fact that we are using his crib for baby bro). I was very nervous about it but he transitioned seamlessly. He is a great night time sleeper, though.

We haven't had any problems with the twin being to big for him or him falling out. He can climb in and out himself but has never once exited at night yet...not sure why but I am counting my blessings!

It is a twin mattress on a captains bed (platform style). No boxspring. It is an extra thick matress but still lower than a tradiitonal bed on a standard frame. I would get the longest rail possible, if you are getting one. I have the standard size and wish it were longer. I actually put a Target body pillow perpandiular to the rail at the bottom to "box" him in.

Good luck. Maybe she will prefer the bed. And you can always take it out if it isn't working.

08-31-2004, 11:00 AM
I transitioned both my kids to a bed at about 18 months, but I probably could have done it earlier.

If she's happy on the floor then why not try a mattress on the floor? Once she's used to that you can put it on the bed frame. Keep in mind that she should be able to climb in and out of the bed so even a low frame may be too high for her.

Good luck!

08-31-2004, 09:47 PM
We went through a phase where Colin didn't want to nap in his crib, so we just had him nap on his crib mattress on the floor. Eventually we moved him back to the crib. It was a nice, easy solution to what turned out to be a temporary problem.