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02-07-2005, 03:42 PM

I am looking for cotton bedding for my 2 year old son's upcoming transition to a big bed (DD needs the crib!). Olive kids has a cotton/poly blend but I would have preferred real cotton - has anyone found anything? I am trying to entice him with some of his favorite things (I would rather not have Thomas).


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02-07-2005, 06:57 PM
When I did research for my DD's big girl bed I only found a few places that carried 100% cotton for printed/twin sized bedding. You can find a pretty good selection of plain cotton (though the colors can be limited). Pottery Barn has a lot of cute new selections, but no train or planes - dogs, dinosaurs, cars, vehicles, sports. A bunch that I would use IF I had unlimited money AND a boy =)!

Company Kids has some 100% cotton trains on sale right now http://www.thecompanystore.com/parent.asp?product=co69x&dept%5Fid=101

AND some absolutely adorable vintage planes (though not on sale)

One option with the Olive Kids is to purchase their quilt and coordinating sheets - the quilt is all they'll see when the bed is made up, and the sheet is all that touches them when they lay down.


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02-10-2005, 01:15 AM
Thanks Jen, I agree, both of those quilts are lovely. Problem is DS is still using a sleep sack and I am not ready to switch that to a quilt yet - the bedding itself is a little plain. On the other hand, I haven't found any nice fitted sheets with patterns that are still cotton, so maybe I need to change my strategy. Thanks again for your help.


02-17-2005, 06:02 PM
How about cars and trucks? I think these sheets from Pottery Barn are adorable. http://tinyurl.com/6wdrf

02-18-2005, 03:20 PM
It's kind of funny, but I just picked up something from that very line on Wednesday. The one near me was sold out of most of it, but I bought him the pillowcase to start with and I was thinking of buying more! :-) (it's a little pricy even on sale). Thanks!


02-18-2005, 05:13 PM
Hi Naomi! This is my first post on these boards, so I hope it works. I found some 100% cotton plane/train bedding on www.warmbiscuit.com. I haven't ordered anything yet-I just saw them today. The quality looks pretty good!


02-19-2005, 01:50 PM
Hi Naomi,
I bought two sheet sets, quilt and quilted sham (all 100% cotton). http://www.olivekids.com/beddinginfo.html?id=DR-TPTX-333

I also bought a lightwighted comforter at IKEA and made a comforter cover using two flat sheets. My DS is sleeping under this comforter and we use quilt as a bedspread only.