View Full Version : What kinds of clothes do you like for different ages?

09-03-2002, 01:54 PM
I've found as DD grows that at different times I like different clothing styles.

When she was little, I liked onesies, and she hardly wore anything else. In cooler weather I liked the lightweight knit 'sweatpants' style bottoms that I bought at Baby Gap. Sometimes she wore simple dresses, too.

In the 6-18 month stage, which corresponded to the "rolling on the floor" and "walking but falling regularly" stages, I liked her to have pants so that her legs were protected - and overalls worked best. Dresses were right out - when crawling, they tripped her up; when walking, they didn't protect her knees.

Now we're in a confident walking and hot weather stage, and my favorite outfit is a little knit tunic-y long top (kinda like a very short dress) with matching shorts from Health-Tex that has just been super. T-shirts (not onesies) and knit shorts have been great too. Dresses have been good, too, since they're cool.

So, now that she's 2 and we're going into cooler weather (allegedly!), any suggestions/predictions as to what I'll want in the next 6-12 months? Will I still want overalls, like before? Or something else?

pamela mom of 3
09-09-2002, 02:06 PM
Stuff that is easy to get on ;)

I find the overalls a toughie at 2 they could care less most of them about being dressed at all plus i find they can take those off rather easily. I just go for nice pants w/double knees and gentle waistbands and tops either long or short sleeve that are easy to pull over the head, i try to avoid buttons at this age since they won't hold still long.

09-10-2002, 07:01 PM
My daughter (born in November) wore sleepers almost exclusively for her first 6 months. For the summer after that she wore those one piece romper things. We also did this for the recent summer. For the second winter (10-16 months) we did the overalls and onesies thing. I loved it. I am in the middle of buying her wardrobe for this coming winter and would love to buy her the overalls again, but since she is turning 2 in November I am pretty sure by March we will be trying to toilet train her so I have limited myself and an sticking to pants with tops and dresses with leggings. It sure is more of a pain to do a diaper change!