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twins r fun
09-11-2003, 10:44 PM
Uugh! I go through this at the beginning of every season, but this one seems to be the worst. I think I've decided to go with 2T/24 month tops (to me these two seem exactly the same, though I've been told there are some subtle differences), but pants are killing me! I guess my basic question is how much room should I leave for growth? 18 month pants fit well right now and Caleb even has some room for growth. They will probably be in pants from the beginning of October until mid May, so 7-8 months. So logically I should get the 2T/24 month pants so that we can get through the season, but they are just so huge on them! They both have at least 3 extra inches in length and the pants are sliding off Caleb's waist (he's a toothpick). I know Jacob won't last around the waist for too long in the 18 m. Should I have him look silly for a few months in pants that are rolled about 3 inches to save myself buying new clothes midway through the season? And then I'm trying to figure out if Caleb could get through the whole season in the 18 m size. What do you guys figure for height growth from 22-30 months? I really like to get all the shopping done at the beginning of the season and save the time and expense of doing it again midway through. Two other considerations: I would LOVE for them to be in the same size so that all their outfits are interchageable (this has never been the case) and while I don't have to dress them identically or even same style/different color, I do like to dress them in similar styles (both in jeans and knit shirts, both in overalls, both in cords, etc) so this causes a little bit of a problem if I have to go out mid season to buy just one of them clothes. Also you know how it is -by February I'll have to pick through the bathing suits to find any winter clothes!

What do you guys do as far as leaving room for growth versus having them lost in their clothes? BTW, I only have a few 18 month pants from last year-not enough to get through until they could fit in 2T so I'd have to buy new 18 months.

09-12-2003, 10:49 AM
We're going through a similar problem right now as well. DS is a little stick. Right now he's wearing a pair of Baby Gap sweatpants in an 18-24mos that are WAY too big in the waist, and just barely long enough. He does have some sweatpants from The Children's Place in an 18 months size that fit pretty well. I'm thinking about just getting more of those, stocking up on overalls that are so very baggy on him, and if he outgrows everything, getting the rest on clearance right before the season changes. We live in SD, so cold weather clothes go on sale LONG before it warms up here.

But if anyone has any great ideas for long, lean little boys, I would be thrilled!

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09-12-2003, 01:35 PM
This is always a dilemma. I personally prefer to buy just a few things at the beginning of the season and supplement as I go along. But it IS a fine line, since you can't wait too long or everything is gone. In terms of sizes, I wouldn't worry about what the tag says and get clothes that fit how you like.

Since Jacob is close to growing out of the 18 month stuff, I would try and find 24 month things that aren't too huge on him. In general, 2T things are a couple inches longer and sometimes slimmer than 24 month sizes. So 24 month may be better for him.

If Caleb still seems to fit in the 18 month sizes with room to spare, that's the size I would get for him. The growth slows down so much that I wouldn't expect him to grow out of that stuff until December and then you can hit the after Christmas sales for any additional stuff he might need for spring.

I also like to find a line and stick with it. I know that Lands End stuff fits Sarah really well and so does Carters. I buy the bulk of stuff in those lines, then I get a few extra pieces here and there as I find them. So even though this may not be the cheapest way to do things, it does save me running around a fair bit and saves a lot of time.


09-12-2003, 02:18 PM
Ugh, this is very much my dilemma too! The summer was so easy because I just got Arielle 24M shorts--to fit her waist, she's not a toothpick:) --and while they were long it didn't really matter since they were shorts! I also really want to get the shopping done now as opposed to mid season, especially since I'll be a bit busier this winter. If the pants are so huge on Caleb I'd say get a few more pairs of 18M for him and only 24/2T for Jacob. Hopefully, by January or so Caleb can wear the same clothes as Jacob and both of them will last until May. You don't want to have Caleb's pants really infringing on his playing ability, and if they are literally falling off him they might!

I've been having the same problem with pant lengths too. I've gotten some fall items for her from Carters, Target, and Old Navy and the 2T size pants are way too long! She has a few pairs of 18-24M pants from late Spring in Old Navy and the KRU brand (since they have both 18-24M and 2 years) and they're still a bit long! (And our ped says she's in 75th% for ht--impossible I tell you!:) ) So while I could probably get away with getting 18-24M pants for the fall I'd hate to have to go searching for new clothes for her come December/January. I suppose I'll just roll the 2T pants up...a lot!

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Jen in Okinawa
09-13-2003, 12:57 AM
My daughter is the toothpick type. We bought all 24 month/2T pants and I've been making small tucks in the waist. Since you want yours to be interchangable you could do the same with safety pins. Obviously it is much easier to do with knits than jeans, but it IS possible (we've done it with her Gymboree jeans - courtesy of Oma and Ogee). It is also less obvious than you might think especially if you have the elastic back that most kids clothes have. A few hints though - use large safety pins (the bigger the easier to handle), make sure the pins are sharp, put the pins on the inside of the clothes (if you can actually turn the pants inside out, pin them, then flip them back out, it makes it a lot easier), and don't try to do any of this with you kid in the clothes!

Hope that works for you!

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09-13-2003, 01:49 AM
Well, between age 2 & 3 DS only grew 1-1/2" and gained slightly over 4 lbs. Also, DS grew out of the 2T pants and into 3T pants last year (at 3 yrs, he is avg ht/wt, a sturdy little guy) and he still fits the 3T this year. I would get a few 18 mos for Caleb, and get 24 mos for Jacob. I have found that DS is usually "fitting nicely" into one size at the beginning of winter, and by the time shorts weather is back, he's moved up a size. Sweats are VERY forgiving in size, esp those ones that have elastic at the ankle, so you can probably go large on those. I really like Mervyn's Sprockets sweat pants. SIL has a lean/lanky son and really liked Old Navy for fit. She dressed him in overalls a lot as I remember, too (no worries about the waistline). Another thing is that you can go really large on the shirts... because who really cares if the t-shirt fits closely? I started buying DS 3-4T shirts when he was in 2T pants and the 4T still fit him. Talk about long lasting! It has been REALLY nice to not have to buy ALL new shirts for him for a couple years. Last winter I just bought a few flannels to supplement what he already had. I didn't have trouble finding the 3T pants when I needed them last year, but I don't remember exactly when that was, sorry.

That was a bit long, but hopefully helpful!

09-13-2003, 09:30 AM
ITA on the sweats thing! In our case, it is leggings for DD! She has no waist and things that have a fitted waist/no elastic are usually too short by the time that they fit in the waist. (She is still wearing size 18 months in some shorts from Target!) As for sweats, bunched up socks at the ankle can usually hide some shortness! Can you find any overalls to fit? Overalls don't need a good fit in the waist and are adjustable for length so they generally last awhile in our house! HTH!

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twins r fun
09-14-2003, 02:16 PM
Thanks everyone for your help! Your feedback was really useful. I did some more shopping and looking and discovered that the 18 month pants I had from last year are exceptionally small, particularly around the waist. Now that I've found some more typically sized ones, I think I can keep both boys in 18 month bottoms and get a much better fit than with the 2Ts. Since the growth does slow down so much at this age, I think we might get through the whole season. If not I have about 8 pairs of 2T pants that I got at the end of last season which they can move into (and hopefully wear next year). Thanks again!